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Sev causes windows 8 apps (metro or whatever you want to call them) to stop working

Created: 09 Dec 2012 | 6 comments

I tested this several time on to fresh installs of windows 8 all times after installing SEV the apps stop working. Normally you can click on skydrive or photo or weather etc and get your page or info but after symantec endpoint virtualization they stop working and just close as soon as opened. I have most of my apps in SEV so i cant go with out it buti work like the win 8 start menu apps to work. Has anyone else experienced this? Or have a workaround. I do understand that SEV is not win 8 verified but since win 8 is so much like win 7 SEV works fine . Execpt this minor issue.

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For more details I am running Windows 8 x64 pro. with Symantec Workspace Virtualization 6.1 SP8 builds 6.4.1711.  I also setup an install of Windows 8 Enterprise x64 on VMware Workstation at work all works fine this morning I installed SWV and after rebooting the Windows Start Apps (formerly Metro) (now called Live Tiles) no longer load when clicking them.  To be clear other apps work fine I have found that only the default Microsoft ones are affected (Weather, Photos, Calendar, Skydrive, Messaging, Music, camera, games, People and mail). The store always works and sometimes the maps one will work. The live tiles still show pictures and are flipping every few seconds but if you click them to open they attempt to open and just close dropping you back to the start menu.

I wish I could edit my original post for errors. It took me forever to stop calling it SVS and then SEV and now it is SWV.

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Windows 8 is latest OS of micro soft so  it may have some problem with other apps but it is not bad you can solve your problem from appsforwindows8 it is very good site of windows 8 applications .

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Same issue here. Wished i read your post earlier. I reinstalled several times to find out SWV was the cause. Anyone with a solution?

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I am having the same issue.  I just figured it out after Metro not working for the past month or two.

I was running Symantec_Workspace_Virtualization_6_1_SP8_6.4.1711_ML.  After a fresh install of Windows 8 I found the same issue present.  After uninstalling SEV, Metro started working again.

If anyone finds a fix, please share. We know Symantec won't fix this for at least a year.  Hell, they still do not have Windows 8 support in Altiris, and won't until Windows 8.1 comes out.

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I joined the beta teasting and 7.3 that I have installed works with windows 8 and metro 32 bit at least. I had issues with the 7.3 drivers for win 8 x64 bit so I cannot test it on 64 bit. But the good news is what ever the problem was with metro it is not a problem now.  I am not sure of the timeline for release dates but I am very happy with 7.3 so far.

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Thanks for the info the info zxylene.  Sounds good for the 32bit users, sadly I only have 64bit both on my machine and in our work environment.  Hopefully they address those soon.

What sucks is I have been planning on virtualizing many apps for my workstation on this clean new image.  Now I cannot do that :(