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SF 5 - priority for Disks in a mirror

Created: 16 Jun 2011 • Updated: 14 Jul 2011 | 2 comments
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I have a general question. We mirror two storages with SF. Now it is possible to say, that ohne disk has a higher priority as the other disk in the mirror? So that I have a primary and a secondary disk???

Thanks for advice

Katrin Rückbrod

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There is no concept of primary and secondary in a SF mirror, unlike replication products such as VVR and SRDF.  Each mirror is written to simultaneously, however, for reading you can select the policy, if for example you want to read from a particular mirror - this is useful if you mirror across sites so the server can read the mirror it is closest to.  But by default the policy is round-robin, so it reads from one mirror and the next time, the other mirror.


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Hi Katrin,

What information are you looking for, exactly?

One way to check for the Source Volume, i.e. the volume that the mirror was created from, would be to check the Plex name under the Disk Regions tab, seen when the disk that is hosting the volume is selected in the VEA.

Each Plex (mirrored volume) created on each disk with have an incremented designation, e.g. volume-01, volume-02, etc. (the "volume" is usually the same as the volume name)

Using this idea, you should be able to identify the original volume/disk of the mirror(s)

Hope this helps.

David Honeycutt