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SF with AIX HACMP PowerHA 6.x

Created: 11 Sep 2013 | 1 comment
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Hi All,

I’m trying to find out if  Storage Foundation 6.x work with HACMP PowerHA 6.x?

And is supported ?

I can’t seem to find any HSCL documents that refer to this ?

I did also see a thread yesterday regarding VVR and HACMP PowerHA 6.x so I’m presuming this is supported.

Any assistance/point to any documentation gratefully received.


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This would depend on whether HACMP supports SF (ie: the same way that VCS supports lvm/lvmvg).

Not sure if it helps specifically, but: in the HACMP Version 6.1 Installation Guide:

-> OEM disk, volume group, and file systems accommodation:

-> Integrating OEM file systems in an HACMP cluster:

-> Overview for integrating OEM file systems -> Prerequisites and limitations

Software requirements

HACMP supports Veritas volume groups at whatever level of VFS software is running on the system (depending on the version level supported by VFS 4.0).

(the document refers to VFS / Veritas Storage Foundation / Foundation Suite 4.0 throughout - presumably the version was never updated from the original inclusion of OEM functionality, since the AIX version that would support PowerHA 6.1 was probably not supported in SF 4.0 as it likely didn't exist/hadn't been released yet)

which seems to imply that as long as SF is supported on the version of AIX you're running HACMP/PowerHA on, it should work ....?

If more concrete/definite confirmation is required, it looks like it would need to be from IBM since it's their product/their documentation.



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