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SF5.1 SP1 RP3 with oracle 10gR2

Created: 03 May 2013 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 1 comment
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   After I checked the compat list at

It indicates that Oracle 10gR2 is support with SF5.1 SP1 RP2  on AIX . But there is no SF5.1 SP1 RP3 is listed in the compat list.

I am not sure , I can use SF5.1 SP1 RP3 with Oracle 10gR2

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Yes this is supported - higher RPs should be supported and if you look at 5.1SP1 RP3 release notes ( then this says 10gR2 is supported for RAC, so if it is supported for RAC then it will be supported for the more simpler single Oracle instance - see extract:

Database requirements
The following TechNote identifies the most current information on supported
databases (Oracle Single Instance, DB2, and Sybase) and operating system
Note: Veritas Storage Foundation (SF) and Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster
File System (SFCFS) do not support running SFDB tools with DB2 and Sybase, but
they support running Oracle, DB2, and Sybase on VxFS and VxVM.
Additional Oracle support for SF Oracle RAC
Table 1-3 Oracle RAC versions that SF Oracle RAC supports
Oracle version           AIX 5.3  AIX 6.1  AIX 7.1

10gR2 10.2 (64-bit)      Yes      Yes      No

11gR1 11.1 (64-bit)      Yes      Yes      No

11gR2 (64-bit)  Yes      Yes      Yes

11gR2 (64-bit)  Yes      Yes      Yes

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