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In SFCFS, How to manually force a node to be master?

Created: 19 Dec 2009 • Updated: 19 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have a 2-node cluster under SFCFS: Sun1 and Sun2

The command shows:
sun1#vxdctl -c mode
mode: enabled: cluster active - SLAVE
master: sun2
How can I manually force sun1 to be the master node of the cluster?
The command below is used to set primaryship(master) of a mounted volume:
#fsclustadm -v setprimary mount_point

Is there a command to set the "master of cluster", instead of "master of mounted volume" ?

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There is no manual command to switch the mastership. If you shutdown master then slave takes over the mastership.

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Yes, there is no way uptil now to switch mastery.... If you see "vxclustadm nodeid" command, the node with lower nodeid will take the mastery if you shutdown master.....

Nodeid is decided on the basis of LLT host id defined in /etc/llthosts file....


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In the next version of CVM coming later this year you can do an online master switch for CVM and you can set the prefered order
for CVM masters before the CVM diskgroup is brought online.

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Here's an update with the new version functionalities.

[root@cfs01 host0]# vxdctl -c mode

mode: enabled: cluster active - SLAVE

master: cfs03

[root@cfs01 host0]# vxclustadm setmaster cfs01

[root@cfs01 host0]# vxdctl -c mode

mode: enabled: cluster active - MASTER

master: cfs01

[root@cfs01 host0]#