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SFHA Solutions 6.0.1: Displaying disk group information with vxprint and vxinfo

Created: 12 Oct 2012 • Updated: 14 Jan 2013
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The vxprint and vxinfo utilities let you display information about your Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) disk group configurations.


The vxprint utility displays complete or partial information from records in disk group configurations. You can select records by name or with special search expressions.

vxprint can display disk group, disk media, volume, plex, subdisk/subvolume, data change object (DCO), link object, and snap object records.

vxprint is often used to display information about objects before or after performing a task.

Common vxprint tasks include:

You can also use vxprint for troubleshooting VxVM. These task include:

Note: vxprint cannot display disk access records. Use the vxdisk list command to display disk access records, or physical disk information.

vxprint (1M) manual pages for SFHA 6.0.1:


The vxinfo utility displays the accessibility and usability one or more volumes in a disk group. You specify a volume operand to identify which volumes to report on. If you do not specify a volume operand, a volume condition report is provided for each volume in the selected disk group.

You can only run vxinfo on one disk group at a time.

vxinfo is useful for troubleshooting. For more information, see:

Listing unstartable volumes

vxinfo (1M) manual pages for SFHA 6.0.1:

You can find the manual pages for other releases can be found on the SORT website.

You also can use the Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) vxdisk list command to display the devices visible to VxVM, their current disk formats, corresponding disk groups if any, and their status, whether online or failing. For more information, see the forum post:

SFHA 6.0.1 Solutions: Using the vxdisk list command to display status and to recover from errors on Veritas Volume Manager disks