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SFHA Solutions 6.0.1: Use Cases for the and VCS configuration files

Created: 18 Sep 2012
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When configuring Veritas Cluster Server (VCS), you convey to the VCS engine the definitions of the cluster, service groups, resources, and dependencies among service groups and resources. VCS uses the and configuration files in default configurations.

The file stores the cluster configuration. The format of the file comprises include clauses and definitions for the cluster, systems, service groups, and resources. The file also includes service group and resource dependency clauses.

When VCS is installed, a basic configuration file is created with the cluster name, systems in the cluster, and a Cluster Manager user named admin with the password password.

The file describes standard resource types to the VCS engine; specifically, the data required to control a specific resource.

There are several ways to generate configuration files:

  • Use the Web-based Veritas Operations Manager.
  • Use Cluster Manager (Java Console).
  • Use the command-line interface.
  • If VCS is not running, use a text editor to create and modify the files.
  • Use the VCS simulator on a Windows system to create the files.

For more information about the and configurations files, see: