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SFHA - Windows with VMware shared vmdk disk

Created: 14 Jan 2014 • Updated: 22 Jan 2014 | 2 comments
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IHACr who wants to Implement a Windows SFHA Cluster with a shared vmdk disk. They have procured the SFHA Windows license. The Cluster nodes/VM's will be hosted on seperate ESX hosts. Few questions:

a) Is this configuration (shared vmdk) supported in a Windows SFHA cluster?

b) What happens in case one VMware ESX host fails? Will the VM in the second host continue having access to the shared vmdk?

c) This question is not related to Symantec but more specific to VMware ESX. How should the datastore in VmWare be configured. My understanding is that a SAN LUN datastore can only be seen by one VMware host at a time?

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This is supported in SFWHA using the bundled VMwareDisks agent which manages the attaching and detaching of the disks to the virtual machine, so when one VMware ESX host fails, VCS will attach the vmdk to the other host.  See for  links on information on this.


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Thanks Mike!!

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