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SFRAC 5.1 SP1 on RedHat Linux - ASMInst Problem

Created: 31 Jul 2011 • Updated: 02 Aug 2011 | 3 comments

Hi All

I'm using the above.  It seems everything was working fine but we're due to go live in 3 weeks so i reread all the documentation to make sure i have everything correctly configured.  Second time around in reading the oracle agent documentation I noticed it describes how to setup ASMInst - it says for SFRAC clusters you need to manually set the StartUpOpt to SRVCTLSTART and the ShutdownOpt to SRVCTLSTOP.  So I did that and the agent will not startup - it just faults with absolutley no error message, nothing.  The shutdown works fine tho and i can catch a big perl string with srvctl stop ... in a ps listing whilst it happens - can;t say the same for the online tho.  I even tried putting my name in StartUpOpt and it still started! but SRVCTLSTART...? Doesn;t like it at all.


Anyone know what could be wrong?


Here's output from StartUpOpt field empty:

2011/07/31 21:03:20 VCS NOTICE V-16-1-10301 Initiating Online of Resource asm_instance (Owner: Unspecified, Group: PRD_INFRA-P) on System emrdhl201
2011/07/31 21:03:24 VCS NOTICE V-16-20002-263 (emrdhl201) ASMInst:asm_instance:online:ASM Instance startup returned the output
LD_LIBRARY_PATH - /usr/lib:/orcl/app/oracle/product/
ASM instance started

Total System Global Area  534462464 bytes
Fixed Size                  2228200 bytes
Variable Size             507068440 bytes
ASM Cache                  25165824 bytes
2011/07/31 21:03:26 VCS INFO V-16-1-10298 Resource asm_instance (Owner: Unspecified, Group: PRD_INFRA-P) is online on emrdhl201 (VCS initiated)


Here's the output from StartUpOpt with SRVCTLSTART:

2011/07/31 21:05:38 VCS NOTICE V-16-20002-263 (emrdhl201) ASMInst:asm_instance:online:ASM Instance startup returned the output 0
2011/07/31 21:07:40 VCS ERROR V-16-2-13066 (emrdhl201) Agent is calling clean for resource(asm_instance) because the resource is not up even after online completed.
2011/07/31 21:07:40 VCS WARNING V-16-20002-261 (emrdhl201) ASMInst:asm_instance:clean:ASM Instance is not running
2011/07/31 21:07:41 VCS INFO V-16-2-13068 (emrdhl201) Resource(asm_instance) - clean completed successfully.
2011/07/31 21:07:41 VCS INFO V-16-2-13071 (emrdhl201) Resource(asm_instance): reached OnlineRetryLimit(0).
2011/07/31 21:07:42 VCS ERROR V-16-1-10303 Resource asm_instance (Owner: Unspecified, Group: PRD_INFRA-P) is FAULTED (timed out) on sys emrdhl201

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Douglas Snyder's picture


Can you post the file and give a little more information on the Oracle version?  I am assuming it is 11g.

Also - you can try out the configuration in the VCS Simulator  Running a firedrill failover may also give you more information about the error.

Please open a ticket with support too.  They can help resolve this.

Doug Snyder

Sr. Principal Sales Engineer

Columbus, Ohio USA

jstucki's picture

Hi f1shboy,

I'm checking the latest VCS Agent Pack for Linux, 2Q2011, to see if there's a HotFix patch for ASMInst.  I ran into a similar problem on Solaris/SPARC, and found a HotFix for some of the Oracle Agents for release 5.1.  The HF resolved my problem with ASMInst.

I'll let you know what I find out.  It takes a while to download and unpack.



jstucki's picture

I didn't see any mention of Rollup Patch 1 (RP1) being installed on top of SFHA 5.1 SP1.  I looked in the RPMs included in RP1, and there's an RPM called VRTSvcsea-, which is for Enterprise Agents, and it includes some changes to the files used by the ASMInst Agent.