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share an IBM 3584 between two media servers on the same master NBU

Created: 17 Apr 2013 • Updated: 18 May 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I am adding a 5220 appliance to an existing Netbackup system with a separate Master and Media (both Solaris 10).

I wish the 5220 to haver a separate set of drives on the Library.

On the library we have defined two different partitions. How ever adding the partition of the 5220 as a STU, ruins the STU of the Solaris.

Any body with experience on such configuration?

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Why not just purchase SSO license and configure all drives as shared?

This is the most efficient way of utilizing all drives and all media in NBU environment.

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Yes I have experiece with the 3584 series.

You have not explained exactly what goes wrong, I think you will have to give a detailed explanation of exactly what happens.  Is it breaking at the NBU level of the library level, or a combination.

I would image the folowing should work.

Lib part 1 contains media server 1 drives, with one of these drives set to the control path for the robotic arm

Lib part 2 contains appliance drives, with one of these set as the control path for the robotic arm.

Allocate tapes to each partition.

Check scan on each media server, do you see the devices correctly.

If so, remove drives from NBU, reconfigure.

The 3584 is a good library, but it has multiple settings that can cause havic with NBU, though in my experience this is limited to media / slots not seen in the inventory and issues with unloading the CAP.

It also seems fairly prone to hardware /firmware / memory issues that cause issues with NBU seeing the partitions, seen this a few times now.


Regards,  Martin
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I appologize for my late update, I missed the emails notifying me the new comments.

Thank you for your comments.

  1. We do have an SSO license.
  2. The problem was caused by bad communication links although I do not understand how it is related.
  3. The communication problems also caused very long setup time of the 5220 as a media server.
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Please be kind enough to mark solution for one of the posts that have pointed you in the right direction?

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