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Shared GUID

Created: 04 Apr 2013 | 5 comments
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User cloned couple of computers from win XP to Win 7 ,After cloning those computer the GUID ID of thoes computers remains the same,So because of that there are couple of issues arises.The basic thing to do if there is a GUID issue is to download RAAD tool and try reset the GUID ID thats should resolve the issue. else go through the below article which will explains about the dupication of GUID and the issue which might be created because of it and also gets reports of all the shared GUID and how to reset agents     Shared Guid Toolkit   RAAD tool download link.      Effects of duplicate guid

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Resetting the guid will not help in 7.x as the machine will still receive the original guid as the resource will still exist in the database.

The only way I have found that rectifies this situation in 7.x is the followng:

1. Target the duplicate guid filter with a SMA config policy that redirects the machines to a VM SMP.

2.  Once all affected machines have been redirected, delete them from the production SMP.

3.  Redirect resources back to production SMP.

Development is fully committed to addressing this problem; however, it will ost likely be included in 7.5 SP1 at the very earliest, due to the numerous factors that can cause it as well as certain scenario's around merging. 

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jackintosh's picture says it will work on 7.0, will this also give accurate info in 7.1?

If so...

What would be the most eficient method to delete all the comptuers from production SMP? I only know of deleting one by one, but how can you delete via the duplicate guid filter? 

Apologize for my ignorance, I have not done this before.

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Yes it works with 7.1

You can select all filter members and choose the "right-click > delete" option.

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Thank you for the reply. I have one more question/ scenario if you don't mind.

I have the filter imported, If I were to delete all the records from the SMP via the filter, would they not get a NEW unique GUID the next time the checked in?

Along the same line of thinking, I make a CSV from the duplicate guid report. Say I deleted the computers from SMP, if i were to use a utility like PSEXEC, and ran %programfiles%\Altiris\Altiris Agent\AeXAgentUtil.exe /resetguid and then /sendbasicinventory on that CSV would that prompt them all to grab NEW GUIDs as well and report their existence properly to the NS?

Unfortunately in my environment I do not have the ability to redirect the agents to a "temp" SMP server. So i am trying to find a way to fix/ clean up the SMP of all dupes so i can get patch management and software delivery working consistently.

Thanks for your help!!!

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I had similar problem. We had about 10 computers sharing the same GUID - I think we deployed a manually syspreped image with Agent installed.

We also could not use psexec or similar - antivirus was picking psexec as suspicious, firewalls in place, etc... In the SMP we could see only last checked in computer as active.

In the end I used PCAnywhere command queues.

I pushed an Altiris task to the computers to reset GUID, then stop Altiris agent - both commands in the same script.

Deleted all records from the SMP by hand.

Used PCAnywhere command queue to start Altiris agent.

Computers re appeared in the SMP just fine. I bit of a manual work but it worked. This was a while back, but I can dig out my scripts for you if needed.

Another option to use is group policy and script it there if your numbers are high, but you may need to restart your clients.

Hope this helps.