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Shared Storage priority

Created: 25 Feb 2013 • Updated: 25 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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I have a Unix NBU Master/Media server with 6 tape drives, and a windows NBU media server sharing one of those drives. The windows server is being used for VMWare backups.

Any idea how I can give priority of the shared drive to the Windows NBU Media Server?  I'd like my Master/Media server to only use that device only if all other drives are unavailable.

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Dont think you can do what you want very simply i am afraid

Options that i can think of:

1. change its density (which also means having a set of tapes of that density to match) - all very complicated and takes the drive away from the others all together

2. Zone it out of the other server - again takes it away from the others

3. Give the VMWare jobs a higher priority - not perfect but about your best chance

4. Give the VMWare backup media server a load of cheap disk to backup to so that at least the jobs run without hold up and can duplicate when the drive is free

Hope this helps

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My 2c...
Zone all the drives to media server as well. Config all drives as shared.
Config Master STU with 5 drives and media server STU with 1 drive.

This way, your media server will always have 1 drive available.

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Thanks to the both of you.  While other people may have other requirements, Marianne's suggestion makes the most sense for me.