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Sharepoint 2007, backup the MSSQL policy? or use Sharepoint policy?

Created: 19 May 2010 | 1 comment

I know Netbackup has a specific policy for Sharepoint backups. Does this include all sharepoint data and configuration? If I use only the sharepoint policy, would I still need to run the MS SQL database policy on the SQL server for sharepoint? Or is it all inclusive for a full restore?

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"For both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2003, the database agent protects

Configuration databases, and Single Sign-on databases. For SharePoint Server

2007, the agent also protects SharePoint Web applications, Global Settings, and

Shared Services. For SharePoint Server 2003, the agent also protects SharePoint

portals, team sites, and the backward-compatible document store and document


"NetBackup server and client software requirements for NetBackup for

SharePoint Server

Verify that the following requirements are met for the NetBackup server and

client software:

■ The NetBackup server software is installed and operational on the NetBackup

server. The NetBackup server platform can be any that NetBackup supports.

See the NetBackup Installation Guide.

■ The NetBackup client software is installed on the following: each front-end

Web server, the SQL database host, and the Index database host. Also install

the client on the host that contains the backward-compatible document library

store. The client software does not need to be installed on the Search or Job


■ The NetBackup client software is installed on the computer that has the

databases you want to back up.

■ If you want to take advantage of new features included in NetBackup for

SharePoint Server in NetBackup 7.0, you must upgrade your NetBackup for

SharePoint Server clients. The media server and NetBackup for SharePoint

Server clients must be at the same NetBackup version."

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