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Sharepoint 2007 - Disaster Recovery

Created: 05 Aug 2010 | 4 comments

How does disaster recovery of a Sharepoint 2007 farm work with the Backup Exec agent?  What steps need to be followed to recover a farm in the event that a server crashes?  Having read Microsoft's documentation on the subject, they discuss a mixture of steps required, from re-installing the OS and SQL, to using the Sharepoint and MS SQL backup and restore tools to get the farm back online.

What is the Symantec DR model?  What are the specific steps that need to be taken to restore the farm?  I'm currently evaluating the Sharepoint Agent and trying to figure out whether or not it is any better than the native tools.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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Hi David,

Please refer to the following document for the disaster recovery steps:


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Thanks for the reply.  I found that document and it does contain good information.  It does not seem to include any information about how to backup the Web Front End (WFE) servers.  It does not detail whether or not the Sharepoint agent covers the WFE servers.

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Well, if you're talking about a Bare Metal Restore, your best bet it to use the IDR bootable media to boot the server and restore from your latest full backup to the server. This should put the OS, IIS, SharePoint WFE in place. It will have the SQL program installed, then you can restore your SharePoint DB's (config, content, search). You can restore any incremental/differentials you have. Then replay any log files you have if they are available (shipped to another server, backed up by CPS, or on a disk that didn't crash, etc).

If you dont' have IDR, but have good OS backups and such, then reload OS and Backup exec. Catalog your media. Restore OS and such. Then restore SQL databases. Replay any available logs.

If IDR isnt' an option, then you're looking at reloading the OS w/ IIS. Installing SQL Server. Installing SharePoint. Restore your SharePoint backups into the new databases that were created when you installed SharePoint. Replaying logs may not be possible, since they wouldn't match against teh new databse, but there may be a way around that (not sure. Other than some IIS configs that would have to be recreated (IP's, host headers, etc) you would be good to go.

I suggest making sure your IDR is good to go. ;)


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Do note that you cannot use IDR to restore to any hardware.  The hardware has to be similar to the server that was backed up.  The IDR restrictions are given in