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SharePoint Backup Strategies

Created: 26 Jan 2013 • Updated: 02 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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Hello friends

we have moss 2k10 farm (upgraded from 2k7)

2 frnt end (NLB)

2 back end (clustered)

from central admin console we are able to back up whole farm, but on disk only. (with grt , thanx to microsoft for adding these features in shaepoint)

with NBU when initially our backups was configurd it only showed databases......

we do have workflows enabled in shrepoint for internal review, approve and reject functions based on requests. wht if my site goes down will NBU ensure is it completely safe with DB backups only

as with Backpu archive restore console doesn't show anything other than that

is it possible to restore only workflows wid NBU???????

or we need to change our backup strategies.... wht is best ????

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If you are implying you have been using NetBackup's MS-SQL-Server policy type to backup SharePoint, this is not supported and will created problems when you restore.
Please refer to this thead.

You have to use the MS-SharePoint policy type to backup SharePoint.
Please refer to the NetBackup 7.5 SharePoint admin guide for prerequisites and setup details.

If you are already using the MS-SharePoint policy type, have configured everything correctly according to the guide and everything (backups and restores) have been working correctly, but is just enquiring about protecting Workflows, then the following TechNet pages will help:
Back up customizations in SharePoint Server 2010
Restore customizations in SharePoint Server 2010

In short, depending on the type of Workflow, some are already protected when NetBackup backs up the farm, Web application, content database, or site collection.
Some Workflows will require you to use a separete MS-Windows (File Level backup) policy to protect specific files and folders.

For restores, you can refer to the admin guide for the specifics on what SharePoints objects can be granularly restoerd, and what other ones must be restored in their entirety from non-GRT enabled backups.

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I got similar question recently during one of visit, and came to know v14 hives are somehow not implicitly protected by NBU native backup, though it can be protected with another set of policies

MS-Windows pointing v14 hives and another would be System State to protect IIS

Third would be regular, web app i.e. SharePoint policy. This would ensure COMPLETE sharepoint is protected

Though it did not sound good to me initially, but eventually it is bit lengthier strategy for single app to protect. May be we could get some enhancement of backup integration with future and legacy family of sharepoint with NBU...

till then for complete protection, sync with your SharePoint team on whether workflows are custom made or pre-defined  if custom based, thus go with 3 different sets of policy.

workflows are sets of xml , conditions etc... don't have material handy to brief 

let us know how it goes..

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Sure jack.. i will ask my sharepoint administrator about this. he also said , he can backup grt from sharepoint itself... (never got chance to lok at how sharepoint backup works)... we'll see by monday how it goes , if we have to create multiple policies or sharepoint itself shud be enuf for backups