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SharePoint restore messing up webpage

Created: 22 Feb 2013 • Updated: 04 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

netbackup 7.1.03

Sharepoint 2010

GRT Backups

Windows 2008

Backups complete without any issues.

Restores comeplete with few skipped files with this error: 13:40:38 (17220.001) (17220.001) ERR - error writing file:\Content-DB 2 (DBSERVERXXX/SPT04SSQL/W_Content_website_XXX)\W_Content_website_XXX\/departments/yyy\projects\W_zzze_XXX\Document Library\1\xxx (2).pdf

but these are all PDF files that have not been restored.

individual item restore works fine. Restoring a whole folder/page is what messes it all up.

Anyone seen similar issues ? Solution?



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From the Nbu Sharepoint guide:

When you select an item for restore, do not select (or mark) items in the All Folders pane. In the All Folders pane, click on, but do not select the checkbox for the parent folder. Then, in the Contents of pane, select the specific object you want to restore.

With Sharepoint restores in BAR, never ever click the check boxes in the bottom left pane. Click them on the bottom right pane only.

If your Sharepoint uses remote BLOB storage, then these steps/restrictions apply:

Also, the release notes states that the following Sharepoint restore problem has been fixed. Upgrading to the latest version is always recommended.

When a SharePoint GRT restore of subsite/List/folders was selected in the Java Backup, Archive, and Restore interface, the restore failed.

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After a long long long conversation, escalation, tons of logs, email and confrence calls we have been told by Symantec that Netbackup does not support Custom webparts and hence the restore failure.

Netbackup for SharePoint will only work with a base SharePoint site.

We are now forced to use a 3rd party tool , which functions flawlessly . Its called DocAve.