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Sharing Deduplication Devices

Created: 15 May 2012 | 6 comments

I have a question regarding the sharing of Deduplication Devices in a BE 2012 CAS environment; If you have 3 MMS servers in diferent sites (and a CAS server of course), and there is a central MMS server hosted at a datacenter with a Deduplication Device (standard Backup Exec dedupe disk device-not an OpenStorage device), can the other two servers share the same Deduplication device on the third server?  If so-how do you set it up?  All servers are licensed for dedupe.

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Refer to below links

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Thanks for the links.  I suspect they are for 2010 - not sure if they are the current or there is 2012 equivalents (can't find much-of anything really).  I have created Deduplication devices, when I right click the device from the MMS hosting the device and select "Share" I am not able to select any other server-including the CAS server.  The "Status" is "License information is not available for remote servers in a SSO setup."  This is not a SSO setup - they are seperate data stores, it is a CASO setup however, but the document "HOWTO51832" you referred me to mentions either type can share storage anyway.  Again, the article date is 2011 so maybe not relevant.
When I try to share a remote MMS dedupe device from the CASO server console I am able to at least select the MMS servers I want to share the device with but it still doesn't work.  It attempts to verify connectivity from the MMS server to the dedupe device and fails with the following errors;

From remote MMS servers the validation error is: "Communication with the remote Backup Exec server XXXX failed."

If I try to share with the local CASO server the validation error is: "Unable to connect to the OpenStorage device.  Ensure that the network is properly configured between the device and the Backup Exec server."

Screen snaps attached.

In all the documents I have read there is a note mentioning that "to share a deduplication storage folder you must add it as an OpenStorage device on all media servers you want to share with except the media server that is hosting the device".  I'm not sure if this is asking for something specific to be done or if it is just emphasizing a point that is done with the subsequent instructions (it isn't a specific statement).  There's no links or references associated on how to add a remote MMS server's Dedupe device as an OpenStorage device, I've tried manually to do this but (as expected) this didn't work.  I certainly haven't done this step (if it is a step)-any ideas how to-or if I need to do this?

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You can share the Dedupe device only from the server where it is attached.

all other servers can access it but not share it.

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Thanks for the reply.  I have attempted to share the disks from the MMS server hosting it but it thinks it is in a SSO environment (which is aparently fine anyway) and can't get license information so won't even allow you to select any other servers.  There is a more detailed response on a previous reply - if you wouldn't mind having a look. 

It looks to me if there's more to it than just user error/skill deficiency (although I wont be discounting that yet!), I suspect communications issues or setup errors.  There is no firewall between the devices (even disabled the Server firewall to make sure), the networks are directly routed but are going through Barracuda WAN Op devices-again I have asked for a bypass rule from IP to IP between all BE servers so it shouldn't be affecting communications.  The CASO server seems to be doing what it is supposed to, most things i've looked for appear in the console - except backup jobs (I suspect because the model I'm using is "Distributed" where catalogues are replicated, and Device and Media Data is being stored on the MMS servers. Thanks again.

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Hi Freddy,

I hope I'm not too late to reply.

If you have been reading an older version of the Backup Exec 2012 admin guide, grab the latest version here (version April 2012 at the time of writing):

Go to page 1004 and you will find this gem:

Centrally managed Backup Exec server

Enables the central administration server
to manage this Backup Exec server, its
storage devices, media, and job delegation.
This option also enables this Backup Exec
server to share storage devices with other
managed Backup Exec servers.

This seems to imply that only the Centrally Managed mode allows for shared access to storage devices.
I couldn't find anything else in the guide that talks about sharing storage devices when using the Locally Managed mode (A.k.a., Distributed mode).


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In Backup Exec 2012, the licesning has changed in that they now have 1 license called the Enterprise Server Option (ESO) that gives you all 3 of the following (you can no longer buy them separately):
 - Central Admin Server Option (CAS or CASO)
 - Advanced Disk Backup Option (ADBO)
 - SAN Shared Storage Option (SSO)

Since you are already using CAS in BE2012, that means you have the ESO license, which in turn means you also have SSO enabled.

For the problem you are facing, not sure if it would help, but you could try making sure that each of your BE servers, including the CAS server, has both the ESO and the Deduplication Option license files (.slf files) installed.

Something like this:
CAS server - ESO and Dedupe license files installed. CAS enabled; managed server disabled.
Managed server A - ESO and Dedupe license files installed. CAS disabled; managed server enabled.
Managed server B - ESO and Dedupe license files installed. CAS disabled; managed server enabled.