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Sharing of EMM DB with different master Servers.

Created: 09 Apr 2013 • Updated: 09 Apr 2013 | 7 comments
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Hi All,

I am trying to configure multiple master server with a single EMM DB.

I have a Master server with a EMM DB(Windows Server 2008), now I configured one more Master server(HP-UX v3) with the EMM database pointing to the previous master server. While doing so, at one instant, I am able to do backups from one Master server only.

Can anyone share some best practice to go for this configuration.

The Netbackup version is 7.5

Thanks in advance.

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If I remember correctly, the theory was there in NBU 6.0 that one HMM server could be used for multiple masters, but it has never worked.

One master per EMM server is the only way I have ever been able to config NBU.

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I don't believe this is supported anymore, or, if it is it is will be dropped in a future version.

Very few people do this, of the thousands of customers of NBU I have only ever heard of 1 person with this setup.

The big question is why - it is a single point of failure for multiple masters for a start.


Regards,  Martin
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Hi Marianne and Martin,

The reason I am trying to achieve this is because, the catalog size has increased drastically and with the availble resource I have to manage my backup windows(which is 24x7 as of now).

Also, slowness has been observed because of this catalog size.

If its not supported or it will be removed in near future, then I wont be attempting the same.

But can you please suggest me how to overcome this catalog sizing. We cannot go for catalog archiving, since we are in a phase of migrating older tapes to LTO-5.

Thanks for your replies.

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You will have to deploy a new master/emm server with own set of devices.

A Symantec Consulting Partner will be able to help migrate chosen media servers and clients to the new master.


Symantec has developed comprehensive methodologies to handle a variety of reconfiguration requirements including the following scenarios:

  • Migration from an existing master server to a NetBackup appliance master server
  • Merging of two or more domains
  • Splitting of a domain into two or more domains
  • Clustering of a non-clustered Master Server
  • Renaming of a Master Server or Media Server
  • Moving a Master Server to a new machine involving a host name change
  • Moving a Master Server to a different platform/operating system (Windows to Linux/Unix or Linux/Unix to Windows)
  • Un-clustering a clustered Master Server

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Thanks for the reply.

Just one more question, the options that you have mentioned, whether this would be done by Symantec Technical Support or we have to contact our Account Manager from Symantec.

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Technical Support do not have the tools to perform these special Catalog Manipulation tasks.

Only certain partners have received this specialized training.

Best to 'contact a NetBackup Sales Representative' as per the TN.

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