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Sharing Media between BE media Servers

Created: 05 Jun 2012 • Updated: 19 Jun 2012 | 3 comments
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Anyone know if is possible or not the following scenario:

- A server with BE and the CASO option, which is physically connected through  Fibre Channel to VTL, and a managed media server B with an LTO tape drive physically connected.

- The server B may not have access to VTL, since it has no FC cards.

- The catalogs from server A and server B are centralized on server A (with option CASO).

Would it be possible to duplicate a backup stored on an VTL to tape LTO through the LAN between Server A and Server B? or otherwise?


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Kiran Bandi's picture

No, i don't think it is possible to duplicate data in that way.

CASO server do not have access to tape drive and MMS do not have access to VTL.

Duplicating backup sets to a B2D folder (shared between CASO and MMS) from VTL/Tape and duplicating again from there to Tape/VTL. (Very lengthy process). 

Colin Weaver's picture

These scenarios are possible

1) Backup to dedup on one media server, optimized duplication to the other media server, followed by duplication to tape on that other media server.

2) Backup performed on one media server but written to a shared B2D that is actually on the other media server, followed by duplication to tape on this other media server.

Both the above make use of the Private Cloud CASO setup and as such can only be done with 2010 R3 and 2012

We can't do exactly what you ask as stated by Kiran.

CraigV's picture

...the idea behind CASO and SAN SSO is that the device is shared. A locally-attached tape drive/library can't be, so it's not viable.

Rather do it as follows:

1. Duplicate from VTL to B2D through your WAN.

2. Duplicate from B2D to tape on Site B.

The thing to consider is how you structure your job. INCR/DIFF mean less data to replicate during the week, as would deduplication. Replicating a full backup nightly is a no-go, unless you have a massive pipe for bandwidth.

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