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Shield is Grey

Created: 11 Jan 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
I have SEP in a test environment before roll out and have a couple of questions.
I have on a W2K box, after upgrading from SAV version 10.1 ,shows a grey shield. I have read the post called shield color but answers were a little vague and was wondering if it still is an issue.
The second thing is on the same machine, on the SEP manager status summary shows restart needed with the reason NTP componant has a patch to apply. Strange because I have only antivirus and antispyware active, and i cant get rid of the summary indication.
I am now running 11.0.1000 on all boxes
For the rest i have no complaints and in general am pretty impressed with this version even though ive read some very negative posts
Thanks for any info