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SHMS - whitelisting a listserv?

Created: 16 Jul 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment


We use SHMS and one of our users reports that recently, all incoming mail from a listserv is being quarantined. The sender addresses are many, so it isn't practical to whitelist each one individually. The only consistent way I see to identify the listserv is that the subject line starts with "[epn]". Is there a way to whitelist based on the subject, or is there another way to allow these listserv emails through for this user?



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You can set up an allow based on key words within the content groups, however, there isn't a way to specify where this is being taken from. So it may not work since it's in the subject line.

If there is anything else unique you might be able to use that though... Under Email Defense, go to Content, then Content groups. When you set up a new word list you can set an action of allow. Be sure to test this first to make sure that it doesn't incorrectly flag anything.