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Created: 19 Sep 2012 • Updated: 08 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi all,

just an small question. I added to our EV directory a new Exchange Message Class: the IPM.Schedule*.

It's just to know if I can customize the shortcut like we did for the normal messages with a banner saying that "this item has been archived...."

I can see that our meeting requests are archived (well, I think that only attachments) but a part from an small "Attachments:" phrase there are no other signs of an archived item. I updated the ShortcutText.txt file adding a description similar to the one we have for messages, but it is not displayed.

Is it possible to customize shortcuts for 'extra' message class items (like this IPM.Schedule*) ? I suspect the meeting is not archived, only the attachment and this why there's no banner. But I would appreciate if someone can confirm this.


[Archived text]

IPM.Schedule="This meeting item has been archived"


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Rob.Wilcox's picture

No, it's not possible.

Also, some message classes (like appointments) don't get shortcut at all..  but they are archived (you can search on them, and you can also use MFCMAPI or similar to look at the attributes)

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You could try the [Attachment table] section in the ShortcutText.txt file.

Refer to this TN:

Article URL

It may not work but it is worth a shot.

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Just to follow-up, this works.

Change your ShortcutText.txt to have a section like this:

[Attachment table]
Title="These Attachments have been archived:"

Then, when you calendar item is archived the attachments will look like this:

<<    These Attachments have been archived:

        Copy of Jan 1 2008 Oracle Pricelist EU.xls     (1.1MB)
        ema-user-guide.pdf     (1.1MB)
        fs-analyzer-user-guide.docx     (1.4MB)
        LotusInstall.log     (126.9KB)


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Hi all,

thanks for all your answers. It seems confirmed that the only available customization is in "Attachements:" banner.

It's good to know it.