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Shoud I upgrade to SEP 11?

Created: 20 Dec 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 48 comments
We are currently running Symantec Antivirus 10.1.6 on Windows Server 2003 (standard) and the clients are mainly XP Pro and a couple of Home.
Seeing all the negative comments about SEP 11 I am unsure what to do, is the maintenance release available yet that is meant to 'fix' many of the reported issues?
I spoke to Symantec Support about this and they did recommend to upgrade but they also said they would issue a license key for 10.1x to enable me to keep using it as there have been a number of problems.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I'd stay away from the upgrade until all the problems you are reading about get resolved (if they ever do). I'm having issues myself and can't even get help from Symantec. Nobody here seems to know answers to any of the problems. I hate to be so negative and rude, but just go through the posts and you'll see for yourself. I've mentioned to my boss that it's time to ditch Symantec totally.

I've been in IT/Desktop Support for about 15 years now. Every job I've had has used some form of Symantec product. Always had problems with them. I don't want to turn this into a bashing post but Symantec really needs to get their act together.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do

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I think I will wait.  Generally I don't have many problems with Symantec and I am happy to stay with them but I do have concerns about SEP 11.  Will keep an eye on this forum for updates.
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I've installed Symantec Endpoint 11 on our network and it's been a disaster.  Besides the horrid migration issues, the program is a complete resource hog.  It's not the memory or the CPU cycles but the I/O Read/Write hits.  Every workstation has slugged up with the hard drive lights constantly glowing.  We were running enterprise version 10 before we upgraded and had no problems or complaints.  Endpoint has been such a disappointment that I think we will be taking our business elsewhere from Symantec as the program is just unhealthy for the network and our business.  I don't think the product was tested enough before being unleashed on their long time customers. 
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It wouldnt be a bad idea at this point of time to migrate to the Endpoint.
MR1 has already been released for the platinum customers and everyone should be able to download it from the liveupdate server of Symantec by 14 Jan 2008.
For more information about the MR1 please refer to :
It also important to go through the system requirements carefully before going for the upgrade :
You may also go through:

De facto when AV does something, it starts jumping up and down, waving its arms, and shouting...

"Hey!  I found a virus!  Look at me!  I'm soooo goooood!"

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Almost all of the workstations and our AVS on my network meet or exceed the minimum requirements for Endpoint.  The product still decreases the performance on every workstation it was installed on by a significant amount.  I've also scoured the Customer Installation Issues pdf and spent quite a bit of time speaking with Symantec tech support.  Time spent waisted losing instead of making money while troubleshooting issues I shouldn't be troubleshooting.  Although customer support was courteous and attempting to help, we made no progress in correcting any of the mess that Endpoint made of our network protection.  The product shouldn't have even been released in its current state to Symantec’s customers and that's my big beef.  I was one of the unfortunate one's whose licenses were expiring and told that my only option was to renew to the new Endpoint.  I've bought and paid for this undesirable version so I'm praying that the MR1 release does make a difference.  If not then I'll eat the cost and move on to another product.

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Like many of you, I can relate. I had 40 clients installed - working and everything was peachy for about a month. I visit the SEPM after having much needed rest and guess what - I can't login.
So I do what everyone here has done - uninstall, try a different port and then as a last resort take a look on this forum.
I was actually surprised at the amount of issues EP had and the sheer amount of frustration.
My question is: How do you explain to your client who has paid you to install, configure and deploy an anti-virus plan - that the AV company has had severe issues and that they will be issuing a MR1 by January 14th 2008? What happens until then? Viruses just stop? They take a break?
The MR1 should be issued to EVERYONE, regardless of whether they are platinum channel support users.
The goodwill that Symantec has accrued is beginning to dwindle - rapidly. Like reputation, goodwill can't be bought and is priceless.
You've acknowledged that things haven't been right with the product. Now is the time to make amends.

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Not recommended.
We deployed it on our own network and on one customer's. Have had numerous issues that did not occur with the 10.x versions. I unfortunately did not do the install on our own network and therefore did not get the chance to test the software before installing on the customer's systems. Unfortunately it wasn't my decision in either case. I suggest waiting until an 11.1 release or some such. The types of issues I've encountered tells me that the quality of the product is Release Candidate stage at best.
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I would say "not recommended" for ANY .0 release.  However, now that MR1 has been released, I think things are looking quite good.  Mileage may vary, and as with anything you should TEST in a virtual replica of your environment FIRST, if possible. 
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The version of SEP available now on FileConnect: 11.0.1000.1375 - is THAT MR1?  

What will be the full version number of SEP 11 MR1 when its available on FileConnect - I do not wish to download pre-MR1 version, install, then wait for a LiveUpdate.

Will a full download incorporating MR1 be available on FileConnect after Jan 14, 2008?   Or before ??

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yes, version 11.0.1000.1375 is the SEP MR1 client
the way we work out numbering is this
major version . point version . maintenance version . build number
so we have major version 11, point version 0, maintenance release 1 (1000), which is build number 1375
IF we release a maintenance patch, then the number would be 11.0.1010 etc and a point patch (to fix a single or a couple of issues would then take the maintence version to 1011.
In short, 11.0.1000.1375 is the release build of MR1 - we don't put pre-release code on FileConnect - feel free to download and start installation
If you don't yet see full MR1 CD's, then they will be there soon

Paul Murgatroyd
Principal Product Manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection
Endpoint twitter feed:

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Thanks - that clears up all but one thing: why did a previous post by a Symantec person put a January 14 date on MR1 for all but "platinum" users, when in fact MR1 is available for download now by all?  Confusing, no?

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Jan 14th is the date that MR1 updates will find their way onto LiveUpdate (we are deploying MR's for SEP via LiveUpdate), fileconnect and platinum availability was always planned for before Jan 2008

Paul Murgatroyd
Principal Product Manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection
Endpoint twitter feed:

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That was not clear in Sandeep's post of 12/27, above:

"MR1 has already been released for the platinum customers and everyone should be able to download it from the liveupdate server of Symantec by 14 Jan 2008."

Should have said: "released to platinum customer and available on FileConnect...."

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Has MR1 solved all the problems, or if not all, is SEP 11 a usable product now?  I have received the extension to my 10.1 licenses so it's not an immediate problem but I would like to upgrade if it's working ok now.
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SAVEP v11.0 - Wow, what a disaster for us!!!  Save your reputation and the humiliation, unless you like running around like a Keystone Kop.  Wait until they fix this turkey or look elsewhere.  You've been warned.

We upgraded our 2003 SBS Premium server in November 2007 to SAVEP v11 from SAV10 w/Groupware Protection, during a normal renewal.  The price was right, ~$700 for 25 user licenses.  The SAV10 version was a good version, but the Exchange SPAM protection left a little to be desired.  I was hopeful that the EP version would have more features for blocking SPAM and felt the AV end was solid.

The upgrade was fairly smooth, but the instructions could have been simplified for the most common situations, instead of the you-figure-it-out book layout.  And the client roll-out couldn't be any more complicated.  SAV10 was a no brainer, v11 is completely different and I don't think it binds the clients to the server like it used to.

Within a week of the upgrade we began having issues with client mapped drives dropping off and server shares disappearing on the server itself.  Things got so bad within a month that we decided to reinstall the server OS, a 20+ hour process.  We thought the server hardware was failing.  We kept the server disconnected from the Internet until the Symantec was fully revised.  Everything ran like a top for about 48 hours.  Then the server and three workstations got backdoored, the server getting taken over and used as a mail relay DOS attack.  Virus and SPAM detection was almost zero, despite a militaristic 6 hour renewal schedule.  And on both installs, before and after we were attacked, the server management console broke, leaving us unable to manage the product.  We ran scan after scan and nothing came up until we ran Trend Micro's online Housecall.  The backdoors were immediately detected and removed, but the damage was already done.

We found out afterwards that this is a known issue with SAVEP v11.  Can you imagine?  Software that breaks the network and can't catch viruses.  Teefer2 cannot be installed or else the network gets creamed! The other issue was that SAVEP appears to be incompatible with PC Anywhere 10x.  So all around, the product is a failure, in my estimation.

So, we're on Trend Micro's product now.  I'll have to admit it's an administrator's dream, almost too simple to work with, but not to be confused to ineffective.  It cleared the crud off our network, keeps me informed about who's been bad/when and where the evil resides, automatically separates SPAM (that's actually effective at filtering out the bad stuff) for each user (in a format that anyone can understand).

Things have quieted down and people can work again.

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How do we determine our actual version #?  Best I can tell, we are running 11.0.780.1109, which, one would think, is several releases past what is available on FileConnect...

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my fault...too many numbers.  I see that I missed .780. vs .1000.

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Endpoint has worked well on all my XP workstations so far deployed except for the first one. That station is currently being wiped.
Endpoint has trashed my domain controller running Server 2003. I have received no useful help from tech support so far. The network is down as I type.
If we have to uninstall Endpoint from all my XP workstations because my parent server, which is the same domain controller, is toast then I certainly won't be reinstalling it. We've been a Symantec customer for years - I hate to switch but we can't run a business like this.
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I'm a private user using Vista Ultimate on a CoreDuo 1.66 mhz, 80gb H/D with 1.5 gb of DDR2-5300 on a Dell Latitude D620 (laptop) and have not had any issues installing, updating, scanning, etc. with SEP. Have I got to be in a corporate enviroment to have problems? I mean I'm not a physics instructor and I visit some dangerous sites and perform loads of beta testing!
:smileyhappy:   :smileytongue:   :smileywink:
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I'm  a long time user of symantec products but SEP11 has been nothing but trouble.  I would not upgrade to this product until they take care of some major issues. 
Corrupted virusdef that cause the endpoint users pc's disk drive filling up with C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\VirusDefs tmp folders/files. Servers and clients machines running out of disk space on the c: drive and crashing.  I had to create a scheduled job to run everyday just to remove these tmp folders.
No solution from symantec on this problem.
We are going to wait for the next maint. release to see if it takes care of our issues.  If it doesn't we are going to find another solution for our network.
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After reading all the negative comments I am going to stick with 10.x for now, anyone know how long Symatec will keep supporting it with updates and new virus definitions etc?
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SEP is the worst software I have ever seen. 
I installed it on SBS 2003 and it has caused many problems.  The server would freeze about every 2 hours.  The Exchange database became corrupted.  I have been working on uninstalling it for 4 days.  Symantec sent me SCS_CleanWipe.bat and CleanWipe.exe to remove SEP.  But, this did not remove it.  I spoke to a senoir level engineer at symantec and he said to follow these instructions:
That is about 700 steps to remove this crap.
SEP has caused more downtime in the last 10 days than this company has had for 3 years.  It would be much easier to recover from a virus outbreak than to recover from this application.
My advice:  DO NOT USE SEP!!!
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Rather than just listening to what everyone else is saying, why not test it in YOUR environment?  Preferably in a virtual environment clone of a couple of your servers and clients.  The fact is that there are people that are using the product successfully.  Are there issues, yes.  Do they affect everyone?  no. 
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I upgraded (if you can call it that) and have problems just like the rest.  I've been a user of Symantec AV for years.  If we hadn't just renewed our license, I'd uninstall this product company wide and move to something else. 

I don't usually reply to threads and rip a company but Symantec obviously pushed this product out before testing it.  The number of problems caused by this product or too many to mention.  The interface is clumbsy and not all the functions work.  It is terrible.

No, I wouldn't 'upgrade' to this product and if your maintence contract is up for renewal I'd seriously consider looking to an entirley different product.

Symantec needs to fix this product and soon.

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I give a heartfelt "No".  I tolerated Corp anti-virus 10, as it let spyware and viruses get on my machines.  I was going to change until I heard about this product.  I renewed my license and have spent 3 days trying to get the product working on a test XP machine.  Straight vanilla, use the wizard install.  All specs met.  And it doesn't work, out of the box.  No errors during install were given but the service won't start (and yes I have gone through the dozens upon dozens of messages and "fixes" and suggestions and pdfs and prayers).  And I am using the updated version of the product.

So, it is time to move on.  If I have hit this many problems on a simple install, what's going to happen when I put it on my 4 year old, wheezing server running version 10?  I want a new server but I ain't going to kill it. I like my job. :robottongue:

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Maybe there are some lucky users out there without trouble with SEP but if someone asks "should I upgrade" the answer has to be No, because the I think the chance to run in trouble with SEP is about 95%!

SEP runs best if it has its own server and its own workstations to run on, but don't put it on a production mashine!

I used different Symantec Applications for about 10 Years and I have never seen a product as bad as SEP.

I think Symantec should think about a plan B for the customers until SEP works.

I also think that the time for a statement by Symantec has come!

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We have installed endpoint protection 3 months ago and I wish we had chosen for another product.
This is product sucks bigtime.
It seems this product is not tested at all.
Support lacks. I have called them sofar once and I don't bother calling again. These support guys really don't know what we are talking about.
Stick to 10.x and you'll be safe.
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YES! (see below)
Well, this just proves that you can't listen to everyone.
I admit the initial release had some issues, but MR1 has been pretty good here.  It's installed and running fine, on a mix of systems (2000, 2003, XP).  If your clients have at least XP and 256MB it runs as good as 10.x.  The Manager needs at least 2GB of RAM, mine has 4GB.  Everything working. 
Note:  I read and followed all the deployment and migration information here:
and the FAQ/Best practices in this forum! 
If you take some time to plan, test and deploy as per the recommendations you should have little trouble (yes, there are still bugs, but nothing major that I have experienced).  I would also recommend that if you are migrating from 10.x, you get a hold of the removal tool (contact support) in case you need it.  In our POC we only had one failure, but every environment is different. 

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Well OWN3D, if you aren't a Symantec employee, you might as well be.  If you do all the things you describe, if you have the right machine, download all the right removal tools, contact Symantec support, etc, etc, etc, you MIGHT have success with this product.  But an 'upgrade' of an established product like this should not be this hard and cause this many problems.  Period.  I'd expect this on a brand new product and I realize to a large degree this is a new product, but most of the people here are experience IT professionals that do this sort of thing every day.  Read the posts.  Most of us have been loyal Symantec customers for years.  We have no reason to come here and slam this product if it didn't deserve it. 

The posts in this thread speak for themselves.   The vast majority of us who were unfortunate enough or just plain stupid enough to roll out this product had nothing but problems.  And many had serious problems.  There just is no excuse for that.  This product should not have been released as it was.

You may be a Symantec sympathizer but most of us don't have time for that.  All we want is a reliable product that we've paid a lot of money for.  I just paid just shy of $20,000 to renew my support contract and all I've had is problems.  Do you expect me to recommend this product to other after having spent that much money and have had this many problems?

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I have read the posts.  And there are alot of people that haven't even TESTED the product in VM before installing.  To me, that's a cardinal sin.  I really believe 90% of the problems can be avoided with a little planning.  If it can work in my diverse environment, it can work for you. 
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VM?  VM!!  You act like that is the de facto standard.  Not all of us have the time to learn the arts of virtual machines at the moment.  Perhaps that is all Symantec tested it on.  Because it aint working on RMs.  Or like we who have been in computing for over 20 years like to call Regular Machines!
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yep, there's the oldskool way...slap it on and hope it works!  You aren't the only one that has been around for a few years my friend.  However, the last thing I need is headaches, and VM environments save ALOT of headaches. 
Not much to "learn" with Virtual environments.  Grab a copy of VM workstation, install, and build a windows machine like you would a RM. 
Actually, Symantec has a nice product we use called Backup Exec System Recovery (no not the tape backup program) that takes a hot (yes, you can take the image while the system is active) image of your REAL MACHINES and makes a virtual machine for you!  How cool is that?  So, what I do is take a copy of my REAL MACHINES (DC, server, workstations) and make virtual copies.  That way, I can "play" in a virtual world and it doesn't tick off the boss!  This way, I KNOW if it will work before I deploy it.  If I have problems, I can try suggetions there - and I can bounce the systems all day if I like!!!!!!!!
Please tell me you do some testing with other vendors products as well?  :-)

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well, I agree that I really need to re-play with VMs.  It was a few years ago, and they were still a new thing. So I take you up on your suggestion. But the point is, I think, is that a test machine is a test machine, whether VM or RM.  I understand the advantages of VM, especially running several flavours of OS on one box.   We do agree that whatever is used, testing is paramount.  I cringe at the stories of people installing this product on production SMS servers.  SMS servers will go bonkers if you look at it wrong.  
I am aware of the backup exec product.  In fact, when I replace my old central server I will purchase that version of BE. Very interested in that image style recovery system. I am a long time user of BE and love it. And I have been through actual DR episodes and test DR events with it.  Wouldn't use anything else.   Hope Symantec doesn't muck up that product too. :smileywink:
As for your last sentence, I test everything, including software, patches, updates, goodies, etc. Nothing goes on my prod machines without me testing it somewhere.  I've been burned in my young and trusting days.  Which is why this endpoint is not going anywhere until I get an answer as to why it is not working.  I can probably wipe my test machine, reinstall and it will work.  But I really need to know why .. it is a serious error and I hope Symantec can say .. "oh yeah, turn this off and add this line to config because yada yada".  I would feel better then.
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Not every little company has the time and | or the money to test a software in a sandbox or "play" with it.
If somone buys a security solution he CAN expect that tests were already done (succesfully) by the vendor!

But testing by the customer is not the point here, because testing does not make SEP better.
What kind of software we are talking about if you have to adjust this and have to adjust that to make it work in your environment? We are talking about crappy software!

Look at the forum listing SAV10.x = 121 Messages (in about 1 year), SEP 11.x = 1600 Messages in about 3 Month Don't you think ther is soemthing wrong with SEP?

And there are still Symantec-Eploees saying everyone should step up to SEP.

Don't you think Symantec should present a plan B for the customers - especially the one that run out of license for SAV10.x.

After giving up "playing" with SEP for days(!) I decided to try "Client Server Messaging Security for SMB" by Trend Micro
It has quite the same functionality as SEP, installing the server was a snap, rolling out the clients was easy, clients responding fast. It has been a installation process like you would expect it. All you see are the windows of the setup. Only thing you have to do is selecting some options and fill in passworts and that's it.

Still a big NO for SEP.

Now I am going back to my regular work and don't have to scan this forum for answers anymore or have to type messages hoping they will get Symantec to move.


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Well Will B, you can either test beforehand, or risk having to do all of this in your production environment...six of one half dozen of the other...WITH the exception that I would rather be wasting TIME in a virtual environment rather than having my peers and superiors breathing down my neck.  Time is Time regardless of where you spend it...Many people are complaining they don't have TIME to play in virtual environments, yet they spend countless hours tinkering in production.  My only point was that I firmly believe many people could save time by duplicating their production network and tinker there rather than ont heir production boxes. 
Interesting, we moved away from Trend because of the problems had with memory issues, pattern file updates (including lack of detection on a high profile virus), poor spyware detection and removal and support.  To each his/her own I guess. 

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My Two Cents:
Testing is always a good idea but won't uncover everything.  As happened to me once I migrated all my clients to Endpoint.  Days of calls from users complaining about Lost network shares and extreme performance degradation.  I never lost a network share in my VM testing. Go figure.  And as far as performance.  Well the default answer I got was add more ram.  Well I added more ram and it had no effect on my workstations.  Reason:  I/O Read/Write hits.  Endpoint seems to do nothing better than smack the hard drives back and fourth all day long.  It's almost ridiculous when I look at the I/O preformance logs.  Solution: Remove Endpoint which is what we've done.  I continue to test Endpoint to try and make is usable.  The best I can hope for is disabling half the protection that it comes with.  Not a great solution.

I never had to worry about upgrading from any version from 7.X all the way to 10.2.   Never had migration issues and very rarely had client issues.  Never had to go through all the troubleshooting that Endpoint has made me do.  Preformance was always great with 10x and lower.  Not so with the new cow Endpoint. 
Plus I read in another thread about a guy saying he was upset that Symantec made him and his co-workers look like idiots to their company because of all the issues Endpoint caused when they rolled it out.  I feel for them as I've gone through the same situation.  Never have I had a product burn me with all these problems like Endpoint has.  I continue to test and try to make it work because I've nothing better to do....
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I agree with the group. I am in the process of spending more time trying to get this installed on our SBS server here at our office and still cannot get the SEPM up and going so that the Home, Monitors and Reports.
I called Symantec Support and all they could really tell me is that the SEPM needs to be installed on another server, and that it is not compatible with running on the same server as Backup Exec.
This is not good for Small Business Server 2003 customers with only one server.  How can I explain to a client that they need a separate server for SEPM.  (What was wrong with the Symantec System Center again??? )
We have also have to uninstall it at 2-3 clients.  It just was not worth it to try to get it going.  We rolled back to 10.x and have notified all of our engineers not to install.  
Waiting patiently in Vancouver, WA
Scott Huotari,
Abhishek Pradhan's picture

@ Scott,

Since I am a part of the Endpoint Team out here @ Symantec, I can tell you 1 thing. MR 1 does / has / and will fix all major issues that have been encountered till date by most of the people posting here on these forums.

Even the Dreaded JAVA -1 (minus 1) issue has been fixed in MR 1. And even after deploying MR 1 you encounter the JAVA -1 issue, PM me your contact details and I'll mail you a small KB article I've Co-Authored with another colleague, which fixes the issue in 5 minutes flat.....

As far as the generic problems are concerned, I can say 1 thing - SEP is THE best AV / Protection program I've seen till date in the IT field.....I used to work for MSFT before I came here, and I can still say that its the best product I've seen in years.....and I've been working in the IT field for a long time.....:smileyvery-happy:

In case you need any help, always feel free to PM me on the Forums, And I'll respond back ASAP.

Abhishek Pradhan, PMP, MCT
Blog: | SIG Lead - Pune IT Pro (Microsoft Pune User Group) |

Abhishek Pradhan's picture
Hi Scott,
You can try the following -

1. Install Symantec Endpoint Protection in a new web site (custom website prompt during installation)

2. Stop the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Service

3. Start: Administrative Tools - Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

4. Select: Web Sites - <The SEPM Website you specified during installation>

5. Click Properties

6. ChangeTCPPort number to some free port i.e. 1234

7. Restart the Website

8. Enable the default Web Site (it might be Sharepoint / Exchange / Your company's website)

9. Open the file in C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\tomcat\etc with notepad

10. Add the line scm.iis.http.port=1234

11. Start the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Service


Do let me know if these steps help.

Abhishek Pradhan, PMP, MCT
Blog: | SIG Lead - Pune IT Pro (Microsoft Pune User Group) |

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Ok man. The issue at hand is whether SEP 11 is a good product, and whether it should be deployed to replace a working product. That entails a lot of things. That does not entail whether we decided to put the software in a test environment before hand. I TOTALLY agree with you on that. I prefer to do things that way. But sometimes you just don't get that opportunity. I'm also a fan of installing the latest version of products(after they've been tested of course). I'm glad MR1 went well for you. When I installed the product, MR1 had not yet been released. It's great that Symantec wanted to FIX the product. That's great. But the 'issue'... whether to replace Symantec 10 with SEP 11... I've already stated my opinion on it. And it was "wait for 11.1 or some such". I still believe that. I havn't advocated switching to another product or such, and Symantec is the only AV we recommend to our business clients.
If you were my computer repair guy, and I dropped off a computer of mine, and it came back working like dogpoop.... sure you can say "Ooops! well bring it back, I'll get it working right." But do you really think my opinion of you is NOT going to be affected? You might be the greatest tech/consultant/admin/whatever in the world. But the fact of the matter is, the job was not done right the first time. That's the boat Symantec is in right now, and that's the boat some of us are in with clients/employers.  The product was not ready at release time, plain and simple... and we know whose fault that is. Don't expect us to be forgiving.
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I did not find the key you reference, but I did find a scm.http.port=9090, I tried changing that to port 80, and that does not appear to work.
I did a http://ccsiserver4/reporting and got a log in screen.  I tried to log in, but it just times out after a few.
Any more thoughts?
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Well, after fdisking the test machine and rebuilding it from scratch I was able to get the program to work. I rolled it out to a test client also.  I hate to sound like Debbie Downer but both machines now run like slugs.  And they are more powerful than my actual workstations.  So I have to research this and see what I can do to speed things up.  Onward and upward!
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I would install SEP on clients if you like have your support calls going through the roof, but don't let it anywhere near your production servers! 

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I talked with John in support yesterday and was told the the SEP and SEPM are differenct product lines from the Corporate Edition, and that the Corporate Edition that we all love is going to be supported for about 6 more years.  So if we are happy with CE, then we can stick with it.  This was the first I heard that CE was not at end of life, because sales is pushing SEP so hard. 
They said that if we pay for the SEP, we can cross or down grade to CE.  You may just have to call Sales or Support and they can get it available for your client on the download page, and get you a key.
So that makes me feel alot better...
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Hey Gang, well I been gone a few months and looks as if nothing has changed. We have around 1400 10.1 clients and had started to upgrade to SEP. I did about 50+ clients and things were good for a few days. Then the drives started filling up with "bad" virus update sigs. Slow computers and the other things all mentioned. To fix all of them, and they are fixed as of now, I uninstalled SEP and reinstalled 10.1. Things are running fine now. I was waiting to see if a "FIX" was in store from Symantec. I haven't downloaded the latest version and tried yet, really afraid to. I know we have been very pleased with Symantec till SEP came out. We have a cluster of the Symantec firewalls and have been running the Corporate Edition anitvirus for some time and like I said been real pleased.
I will wait a while longer and check in every now and then to see if SEP can be made to run as good as 10.1. Till then its a taboo word around here.
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after 3 1/2 weeks of trouble, I was able to rid my SBS 2003 of SEP. 
there are sooooo many AV products that work well that it would be foolish to mess with Symantec.
These I have used with no problems.
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@ Dave,

I'd recommed the following SEP Configuration for your servers and workstations

Create seperate groups for servers and clients

For the Servers, select ONLY the AntiVirus & AntiSpyware (uncheck even the internet e-mail auto-ptotect) and create and push out this client to the servers

For Client PC's, depending on whether you have a firewall protecting your intranet, choose whether to deploy the NTP component in the client install package or not. For client PC's (LAPTOPS) that frequently move in and out of the intranet, you may want to deploy the NTP and set location specific policies to protect them.....

Having seperate Client install Packages for Servers and Client PC's is always a good idea from a Client Management & Administration point of view

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i want to upgrade SEPM 11.0.2000 to 11.0.2020 ,what are steps i should do, then client SEP 11.0.2000.1567 to SEP 11.0.2020.56 through remotely because we have 1000 users in different location.I downloaded the mr2 to mp2 setup.exe from symantec site.plz give the procedure to upgrade above patches through remotely.


i have problem in event viewer log Source : SescLu ,Event ID : 13,Msg : LiveUpdate returned a non-critical error. Available content updates may have failed to install.


i tired all solution which are given in the forms.yet problem not solved,frequently error 13 entries are created in event viewer.


PLZ give solution As Soon As Possible.


Thanks & Regards