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Show detail report about malware

Created: 06 Jun 2014 | 8 comments
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Dear all,

I creat an malware summary report

ScreenHunter_218 Jun. 04 15.31.jpg

as show, I have 4 malwares

I want to know what malwares are but I do not see anything to show detail of them.

Please help me,

Thanks and best regards.

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Typically, we would set the Malware scanning policies to quarantine email containing malware.  Have you done the same?  Check the Quarantine on your SMG to see if you have anything in there, and review your policies otherwise.

If any action has been performed on the mail. then you can check the SMG logs under "Status" -> "Logs" -> choose "Log Action" as "Message Actions" -> choose the appropriate timeframe -> click "Display".

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Yes, malware policies below


The report show that we have 4 malwares inbound and 10 malwares outbound but it is not include the details.

Malware Quarantine is only for suspect virus and it is empty

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The Logs empty too sad

Why symantec do not has detail include in the report??

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Have you pushed the timeframe on the logs back far enough to cover when the events would have happened?

From what I can tell, the report you selected was the Summary report, which just provides an overview I'm afraid.  For more details, I'd usually suggest the logs.

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I have openned a technical support case.

I will update the lastest information.

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Hi Quang,

Can you please select report option as Malware and Top Viruses and Worms and that ill display the name of those malwares.