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Show Scheduled Scan Progress on OSX 10.6.8 and SEP 12.1RU1

Created: 08 Jun 2012 | 2 comments

I am on a Mac running OSX 10.6.8 with SEP 12.1.1000.0157.

If I initiate a manaul scan, I am presented with a Virus Scan window which shows how many files have been examined and how many are remaining. I can even pause or cancel this scan. However, if I have scheduled a scan to occur, I am not presented with this window and am not able to verify the progress of this scan. Is there an option for enabling this progress window on scheduled scans or are there any logs that can be looked at to see the progress?

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i guess the option is not there as in Windows, only AP scan progress can be seen. Also Show or hide the scan progress of removable media on mount

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I don't think displaying the progress window for scheduled scans is possible for Macs (nothing I've heard of before, nor could I find any documents about it). My best suggestion would be to monitor navx (the process for scheduled scans) in Activity Monitor. If it's not running, there's no scheduled scan going on. Not quite the same as a progress bar, I know.

Unfortunately there are no scan logs for the Mac clients, though risks that are detected are reported (in the client UI and to the SEPM, if managed):

If you need to document what's being touched during the scan, you can use DTrace (command line) or Xcode's Instruments:

If you're concerned about high CPU usage by navx:

Hope this helps.


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