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Side-by-side migration to SEP from SAVCE 10

Created: 26 Dec 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments
Is it possible to install SEP 11.0, as a separate instance, on a server that's currently running as a SAVCE 10.1 parent server? I would like to run them both side-by-side for a bit while I migrate my clients over to SEP.

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We have them running on same machine.  However, you cannot install the SEP (client) program on the primary server for SAV CE.  You will have to run the SEP server and SEPM management console without the client program installed.  If you try to install the SEP client, it will tell you it can't be installed on the machine until SSC is removed.

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Thanks for the info. It helps to know that someone else has done this. I'm getting ready to make the jump however I've read some scary posts about some installation horrors. I may wait for MR1 to make the leap.
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That would be my suggestion.  I hope the MR1 release is a spectacular improvement - there's plenty of room for it.  The Migration Wizard failed miserably here, and 3 hours with a Symantec support tech., didn't fix that.  We have had to deploy manually, but have encountered one problem after another, including no luck at all trying to get a mirror server set up.  Can't even get machines to respond to a ping without disabling SEP first - and that is with ICMP fully enabled in the firewall, and port 7 open (TCP and UDP). 
The product may be incredibly powerful, if you can get it installed and set up, but it is so dependent on so many "external" technologies (IIS, PHP, SQL, etc.), that it seems to be a real "crap shot" (odds are against you) as to whether it can be installed without having to dismantle, remove, or hack/modify other software to get SEP/SEPM to work (and probably should pray that nothing needs to change later, on the machine, that might break SEP/SEPM).  To make matters worse, the SEP uninstall doesn't work well either - have to use a 7 page manual process, on each machine, to complete a removal (i.e., hack the registry by hand).  Good luck.  ;0)

---------------- Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. -John Wooden-