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Simple Script for office install

Created: 12 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

I have been looking for a way to be able to do a silent install on my clients but havent had much luck. I was able to create the software library and import office 2010. When i run the task i get an error but the client machine shows a popup asking for the office product key which means i am half way there. I want to do a silent install though and i am not sure how to go about this. I have tried to repackage into a .msi but that hasnt gone well either. I have been advised maybe its better to install using a script. I dont have much experiences with scripts so i am looking for any advice or a simple script that i can copy and paste that would accomplish what i need. Thank you .

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1. Never repackage a vendor msi, create a Transform (mst) or Patch (msp) instead.

2. There's lots of resources on the Microsoft site to help automate the deployment of Office: (use the "Other Versions" drop down)

3. Before you import Office into Altiris you should create your silent install file. Run setup.exe /admin manually and step through the options you require. If you don't want to customise Office that much you can just put the activation key (provided it's a Multiple Activation Key (MAK)) into the config.xml file instead. i've found that, unless you put the config.xml file in the same directory as setup.exe the user will still see a splash screen on install, although it will be fully unattended from then on provided you set the options correctly in the Admin setup or config.xml.

4. When you import the Office package containing you customised config.xml or admin msp file the command line can just be setup.exe if the config.xml file and/or customised msp are in the default locations.

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