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The simplest of questions re:ASA DB threads

Created: 03 May 2013 • Updated: 15 May 2013 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi Forum Folks

Anyone out there happen to know what these settings default to (if they indeed do):





ie theres just one write thread inferred, but what of the actual numbers?


Operating Systems:

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Not sure of all of your questions but the startup is controlled by the server.conf file - details of that and its startup parameters are here:

That may answer you question in part?

I looked in the server.log file but it doesn't look like it put much in there

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No Mark this info doesnt appear in there. Even Symantec support cant answer this question.


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I know in 7.x , for tuning and perfomance, we reccomend the following for large enviorments


As far as what is the defaults... I will try to do some more research.  I think there is a tech note regarding this.  And it may be lsited in the release notes.

What is the exact version of Netbackup you are running ?

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Tuning emm.conf

• UNIX: /usr/openv/var/global/emm.conf is the configuration file used by nbemm the Enterprise Media Manager.
• Windows: <install_path>\NetBackup\var\global
• With the default settings in emm.conf (or with the file not present) even a number of admins opening the Device Manager in the GUI or running commands can exceed the number of connections. The default for DB browse connections is only 3 and DB connections is 4!
• For large environments the following settings are recommended as a minimum NUM_DB_BROWSE_CONNECTIONS=20 NUM_DB_CONNECTIONS=21 NUM_ORB_THREADS=31
• This makes it important that the the emm db in /usr/openv/db/data is on really fast disk and often times it is advisable to have it on separate disk from the image catalog and any logging.
• Tech note on how these settings and nbrb settings can affect jobs getting resources and going active

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Default values as of right now (ie through 7.5):


All of these defaults MAY increase in 7.6 - if they do, we'll make sure it is documented somewhere.  (In other words, please bookmark this thread and ask me again after 7.6 comes out if you can't find the defaults then and I'll recheck the Etracks.) | APPLBN | 761LBN

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Dyneshia gets the points , but of course you were also correct Chris.

Support never did supply the answer, they changed tack and decided it was a known problem and issued me with a EEB which has at least eradicated the deadlock (I'm 7504).


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Thanks for the update Jim.  Could you update the thread with what etrack support gave you.

Just incase someone else runs into this as well :)

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Instead of "Support never did supply the answer," I prefer to think of it as "Support eventually provided you the answer here on Connect"  wink | APPLBN | 761LBN