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Single CPS use with multiple clusters

Created: 29 Jan 2013 • Updated: 07 Mar 2013 | 6 comments
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I cannot find documentation that says if a single VCS 6.0 coordination point server can support multiple clusters.  If it can, do I need one VIP on the CPS per cluster that will utilize it as a quorum?


Mark McCurdy


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Hi Mark,

A single Coordination Point Server (CPS) can support multiple clusters. In testing we have had over 1000 2-node clusters using the same set of 3 CPS nodes. With version 6.0, CPS supports multiple IPs to ensure that a single path between the CPS and the VCS cluster does not cause an issue during I/O Fencing.
Symantec recommends 3 coordination points per cluster to avoid a single point of failure.

If the CP Servers will be placed in a failover cluster, then you will need a Virtual IP per network to ensure connectivity during a fencing race.

We have an I/O Fencing Whitepaper that we are in the process of updating.
If you have additional questions, please let us know.


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Hi AHerr,

I thought that a set of 3 CPS could serve up to 128 VCS Clusters (page 333 of VCS admin 6.0):

"A single CP server can serve multiple VCS clusters. A common set of CP servers

can serve up to 128 VCS clusters."
So, is it possible to register more than 128 VCS clusters in a set of 3 CPS????
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See the SFHA 6.0 install guide:

Recommended CP server configurations
Following are the recommended CP server configurations:
Multiple application clusters use three CP servers as their coordination points
   See Figure 9-4 on page 93.
Multiple application clusters use a single CP server and multiple pairs of
   coordinator disks (two) as their coordination points
  See Figure 9-5 on page 94.
Multiple application clusters use a single CP server as their coordination point
   This single coordination point fencing configuration must use a highly available
  CP server that is configured on an SFHA cluster as its coordination point.
 See Figure 9-6 on page 94.
You only need one VIP on the cluster and all the clusters can use this, unless the clusters can't reach this VIP, so then you may have to put the CP server on 2 networks and have 2 VIPs

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Some documentation references to the Veritas Cluster Server Installation Guide and Veritas Cluster Server Administrator’s Guide on SORT.

For more information on Symantec recommended CP server configurations, the necessity to make a single CP server configuration highly available, about Quorum agent, see:


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Thanks all. I've only got a standalone CPS, so I'll reuse its VIP for our second VCS cluster.

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That would work just fine. :-)