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Single Duplication Fails with V-79-57344-33992 Error

Created: 11 Oct 2011 | 3 comments

When duplicating the B2D job of my Windows 2003 file server i get this error.  Backup job is about 512GB.

My Job: Sunday Full B2D, then Dup to tape,  MTWTF Diff B2D, then Dup to Tape. Sat Diff to B2D, then Dup to tape, then export tape.

My Selection list is: folders, System State and Shadow Copy Components.

All other Dup jobs run just fine.  Even the Dup job for the Diff job for the file server.

My BE server is 2008 R2 with BE 2010 R2.


Verify- \\FileServer\D: DataStorage device "IBM 0001" reported an error on a request to read data from media.

Error reported:

The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

V-79-57344-33992 - The backup storage device has failed.

VerifyA selection on device \\FileServer\Shadow?Copy?Components was skipped because of previous errors with the job.

A selection on device \\FileServer\System?State was skipped because of previous errors with the job.

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Check the properties of the tape, there shouldn't be any Hard read\write errors.

Run an erase job for the tape which has hard read/write errors.

Perform cleaning of the tape drive.

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There 1 hard error on one tape and two on the other tape.  The daily Diff jobs have been using both tape and had now errors.

I have removed both tape and put new ones in the library.

Library is set to auto clean itself.  I library normally wont let me run a cleaning job.  Library is too smart.  But i will try.  it is a Dell ML6000 with FC drives.

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If you want to run cleaning jobs on your library, you should put a cleaning tape in a slot.  In BE, in the Media tab, right-click on that slot and check cleaning slot to designate that as a slot with a cleaning tape.

If after you have cleaned the library and you still have a lot of errors, run the Dell library utility against the tape library.  Make sure that you stop all the BE services first and select the write test.  Even if it passes the test, you should replace the tape drive if it is under warranty because read/write errors are a a sign of hardware failure.