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Single file test restore ejects tape BE2012

Created: 15 Oct 2013 • Updated: 16 Oct 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Every so often for each of our clients we run a single file test restore.  In 2010 it's a simple matter of querying what tape is in the drive, right-click restore from that tape and then the GUI will only show you data that is on that specific tape.

Most of our clients have different tapes for each day of the week.  These checks are done on different days and are done remotely.

The issue we're running into is in 2012 it doesn't seem like there is a way to make sure you're only selecting data from a tape currently in the drive.  We've run into an issue where it pops the tape out expecting you to put in the correct tape.  Since we do these pretty often and remotely it frustrates our clients to ask them to swap in a tape or pop it back in when we accidentally eject a tape.

Is there a way to safely do this that we're just missing?

Thank you.

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Point 1:

If it is a stand alone tape drive (so not a library) and you submit a job for a tape that is not the one currently in the drive (or not the one BE think is in the drive because you did not run an inventory after changing the tape) then it will automatically eject the tape whilst asking you to insert the correct tape.

The summary screen that is displayed right at the end of the restore job wizard (just before you click finish) should provide the tape label. If it is not the tape that was last inventoried as being in the drive then do not click Finish but use the Back option so that you can sort that out first.

Note if you do not see the tape label/name in the summary then please log a formal support case as we are trying to understand why this sometimes happens

Point 2:

If using Incremental of differential backups then be aware that the selections to make the restore show a combined synthetic view which is basically made up of the latest version of every file back to the last full and BE will then load the tapes it needs when you submit the restore job - unfortunately this works best with a library and a stand alone drive might then start eject tapes when you have selected something from a previous part of the backup sequence.

In theory files that were backed up in the last incremental or differential backup will have a different icon  from those backup up during the previous full or incremental backups in the sequence. 

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Thank you.  I'll play with it and hopefully this is all the information I need.