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Single IBM tape library shared with 2 x Backup Exec (12.5 & 2012)

Created: 21 Oct 2012 • Updated: 21 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

Hi All,

I am looking for some information about having 2 x Backup Exec (12.5 & 2012) sharing 1 x tape library.

Backup Exec 12.5 is a physical machine & 2012 is going to be on a virtual machine - zoning is done, both servers can see FC tape library.

I am hoping to assign no. of tapes to a new media set on the new 2012 Backup Exec server for any backups running via this new server (2012).


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For BE2012 which is going to be on virtual machine and is going to use the tape library ,Symantec support this as alternate configuration please read the below link for same

Moreover if 2 backup server are going to share same library it is always best that they are on same level and additionally you have SAN-SSO option for same to manage tape library

Hope that helps



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There are two parts to your question

1) Is do we support tape library access form within a VM. The answer is not officially it is defuiebnd as an Alternate configuration, which means untested but might work it is down to customer to test and additionally we will only support it if you can prove to us that the same hardware has a problem on a physical ONLY setup.

2) Can you share a library between 2 media servers that are on different versissn of Backup Exec. (12.5 and 2012 - again the answer to this. If it was same version of Backup Exec then the CASO/SSO/ESO options would let you share a library between 2 media servers. A rolling upgrade might support it but only 1 version back (you are more than 1 version)  and even then you would have to build both servers with the older version of Backup Exec, configiure CASO/SSO and then upgrade one of them to 2012. I am also not sure ESO in 2012 supports different versions of BE for sharing a libary as I thing the rolling upgrade support is just for configuring centralizied management with each media server uniquely managing it's own storage devices (this point needs checking)

EDIT: Found some info if SAN SSO is involved then you cannot do rolling upgrades and have different version of BE between teh primatry and secondary servers - as stated here