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Single stream backup to tapes at once or...

Created: 27 Feb 2013 • Updated: 11 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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Been searching for some time for a Backup product that will allow a single backup job go to two tape drives at the same time in a Library.

Idea is to obtain two copies of a backup with only having to run one backup job.  So far my researrh shows nobody ( CA, CV, Tivoli etc ) seems to support this.  A work around is to do one backup into the library then run a clone or tape copy to another tape drive immediately after.  Does anyone know if BE or NB supports this today?

I recall many years ago that either Crossroads or Paralan had a physical appliance that allowed a SCSI split to two tape drives but alas no more... 

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No.  BE does not have this feature to produce two copy at once.  I don't think NBU does that either.  You can post your query on the NBU forum for further confirmation.

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Thanks, but i already I have found that during my research but what about cloning a tape to another after the backup job is run?

Effectively a tape copy?

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In BE, you can duplicate a backup set whether it is on tape or disk to another media whether it is tape or disk.  To duplicate from tape to tape, you would need 2 tape drives.  If you have only 1 tape drive, you need to duplicate from tape to disk and disk to tape.