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Site Server configuration ( CMS 7.1)

Created: 08 Sep 2012 | 5 comments


We have Symantec client management suite Installed in our head office and we have several different plants and, our plants are connected via IPVPN.

We are actually trying to create a site server in our remote branches and notification server in our heard office.

I have setup the site server ( package server),  total packages are 90, it is trying to download but, keep says retrying packages.

Here is the screenshot attached.

Appreciate your response in advance.



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You need to define sites and associate subnets to sites, then site servers to sites (though that will likely be automatic).

Symantec Trusted Advisor

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Hi Kschroeder,

Please find the picture of sites and associate subnets, I have already added the subnet but, it not getting updated. Let me know if any other configurations needed.



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Hi Shakeelmo,

What is the download location for the packages?

And what is the link speeds from the remote site to the HQ?

if you can see that the package server in the remote location has automatically assigned to the correct site within the site server settings page the site should sync the packages from the HQ server. also you can try to open a package that is pending in the remote location and click the download source link to see if the source is available and that you have sufficient permissions.


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Hi Rufus,

The download location for packages is from head office and link speed is 3MBps.

I am sure it has sufficeint permissions.



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Use the Raad Tool (

Post the screenshot of the download errors.