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Site Server - Report on its activity? serving out files?

Created: 10 Jun 2013 | 4 comments

Hi All,

We just recently deployed a few site servers running package services only, all are unconstrained. Is it possible to report on these servers activity? in terms of managed endpoints downloading files from them?  


Operating Systems:

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There is excellent option for taht in IT Analytics:

Open Reports > IT Analytics > Cubes >Software Delivery Package Events

Build Pivot Table this way:

Drag  Package Download Source Name to Row area

Drag all totals to Data area:

  • Computer Count
  • Average Duration
  • Total Bytes Transferred

Does that help, or is more detailed direction needed?


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Check the below links for more information.

Reporting on All Package Server and Package Status Information Across All SMPs from the Parent

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Site Server access Computer 
select v1.Name as [Computer Name],
v2.Name as [Task Server]
from vComputer v1
left outer join Inv_Client_Task_Resources
on v1.Guid = Inv_Client_Task_Resources._ResourceGuid
left outer join vComputer v2
on Inv_Client_Task_Resources.ClientTaskServerGuid = v2.Guid
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Query/Report to show what site a pc belongs to?

SELECT [vc].[Guid],

vc.Name AS 'Computer Name',

vc2.Name AS 'Task Server Name',

vs.Name AS 'Site Name'

FROM [vComputer] AS [vc]

INNER JOIN [Inv_AeX_AC_TCPIP] AS [tcp] ON [tcp].[_ResourceGuid] = [vc].[Guid]

INNER JOIN [vSite] AS [vs] ON [vs].Name LIKE '%'

INNER JOIN [vSiteSubnetMap] AS [ss] ON [ss]._ResourceGuid = [vs].[Guid]

INNER JOIN [Inv_Subnet] AS [sn] ON [sn].[_ResourceGuid] = [ss].[SubnetGuid]

INNER JOIN [Inv_Client_Task_Resources] ctr on ctr._ResourceGuid = vc.Guid

INNER JOIN vComputer vc2 on vc2.Guid = ctr.ClientTaskServerGuid