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Site Servers Using Windows 7

Created: 27 Jun 2013 | 2 comments


We have several site servers out in the field that are running on Windows 7.  Symantec has stated this is supported.  Everything seems to be running fine.  A question came up about the fact that Windows 7 will only allow 10 concurrent connections at a time.  Should I be concerned about the affect on machines that are connecting to these machines in regards to Task and Package Services?

Thank you.

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The clients connected to Package servers should simply retry later if there are no available connections.  Task, I think, is not affected by the OS constraints. 

Task communication happens so briefly between clients and Task Servers that they should be able to handle it.  Package connections stay open for the duration of the file transfer and definitely will be constrained by the OS limitation.  Like I said, though, clients will attempt to reconnect later or to other Package Servers (if defined in your sites) and will eventually get the resources they're requesting.

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If I recall correct Windows 7 is limited to 20 inbound connections