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Off-Site Tape Rotation

Created: 14 Oct 2013 | 2 comments


I am taking backup as given below. Can you suggest a off-site tape moevement schedule? How should I move tapes to Off-Site? Best practices around off-site.

Daily Incremental Backup - Tapes will be rotated every two weeks

Weekly Full Backup - Tapes will be rotated every four weeks


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We do tape-backup from monday-thursday, overwritten weekly. Friday weekly tape, keep them offsite for 1 year. Every third week, different tape ---> different offsite-store, keep them for 10 year. Annual tape separate one, keep them for 10 year. If tape-drive changes, we inventory the monthly/yearly tapes again.


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Simple...remove the tapes that were used (check the Job Log which can show this or look at a report).

You then need to keep track of them...if a company does your offsite tape storage, then you'd select a date on which they must be returned.

if you're storing them "offsite" in a safe for instance, then you'd have to keep manual track via spreadsheet for instance.


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