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Size of each users Email Vault

Created: 06 Mar 2013 • Updated: 06 Mar 2013 | 7 comments
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How can we get a list of the size of each user's email vault?

a second question How can we un-archive all mail that's currently in a user's mailbox?    I'm not talking about all the email in their Vault, but just the messages that are archived in their mailbox currently

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In the VAC, navigate down to the Vault Store level..

Right click the Vault Store, and choose 'Reporting'.

Wait a little bit for it to be built.

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And 'unarchive'.. right click the Archives Node and choose Export.  Have a look at the options which are presented there.

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Easiest way to restore only existing items is probably to create a search folder in Outlook, put a filter on Message Class and look for IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut and then when it finds all the items, select all and then hit the restore button

Though there may be some issue with actions performed in a search folder, can't remember

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You can't do an operation like that on archived items in Search Folders:

Also doing it that way isn't terribly efficient if you have thousands of archived items.

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ah ok, well it may not be efficient, but its the only way

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Except you can't 'Restore' (or archive) from a search folder...

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right we got that bit, so that means that they just have to go folder to folder and select all etc

again not efficient but its the only way