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Sizing Storage for an EV implementation

Created: 22 Mar 2013 • Updated: 22 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi there,

Newbie unfortunately. I'm trying to confirm if there are any tools I can run on my existing environment that will help me size required storage and confirm rough space savings for an implementation of Enterprise Vault? I've read through quite a few of the documents related to EV 10 and all of them seem to give this woolly quide to sizing required disk space (See below). There is also nothing I can find that will give me a good idea of the actual space savings this product will give me. Any ideas or suggestions?



Calculating disk space

This section deals with the space used and how to size for it. When archiving, Enterprise Vault uses three areas of permanent space:

 The vault store partition, which is used to hold the DVS (saveset), DVSSP (saveset shared part) and DVSCC (saveset converted content) files. If collections are enabled, they are stored as CAB files. If Centera is the storage medium, it stores the files in its own format.

 The index area.

 The SQL databases that are used to hold the Directory, vault store, and fingerprint databases. For guidelines on how to size the databases, see the Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.0: SQL Best Practices Guide, which is available at the following location: File System Archiving Calculating disk space 59

Disk space used by vault stores

When an item is archived, it is first compressed and then metadata is added to it. The compression ratio depends on the file types that are archived.

The following gives some general rules for estimating the amount of storage needed

1. Multiply the number of items to be archived by 4 KB to get the total size of the DVS files. These are the files that are not shared.

2. Take 50% of the size of files. This is the size of the files after compression.

3. Divide by the number of sharers of each file across the vault store group. This is the size of the DVSSP files after sharing. If the number of sharers is not known, assume 1.2 per file.

4. Take 5% of the size of DVSSP files. This is the size of the DVSCC files.

The total space used is the sum of the DVS, DVSSP and DVSCC files.

50% compression of the original size applies to a mix of files containing mostly Office 2003 documents. Office 2007 documents do not compress but, with non-Office files among the files, compression averages at 80% of the original size. There is no compression for purely image files.

Operating Systems:

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There are tools on SYMIQforPartners that you can use to appropriately size your EV installation.

Look here:{5E768CEC-7BAF-4BDA-8562-5D57AFA39683}

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Fantastic!!! Just what I was after!

Much appreciated Tony.