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SL500 with LTO5 and LT04 drives in Netbackup

Created: 05 May 2013 • Updated: 05 Jun 2013 | 4 comments
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We  have SL500 library (4xLT04) connected with Netbackup 7.5 media server. We are going add a expansion module with two LTO5 and 50 cells to same library. And we need to use both LTo4 and LTo5 tapes in the same library. My question is how netbackup will manage tapes of different densities? Will it try load LTO5 tapes to LT04 drives? If yes is there any way to ensure only LTO4 media loaded in LT04 and LT05 media to LTO5 drive? Do we need to some kind of partitioning in SL500 library to ensure  correct media loaded in to corresponding drive type?



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Density of the Tape Drives and tape in Netbackup will Manage this..

lets say.. if your current LTO  4 Drives  and tapes are configured as "HCART3",  confiugred your LTO5 tape& Drives with differnt Density  Lets Say "HCART"

as netbackup always try to mount the same Density tapes into the Drives..

LTO 4 tapes always goes to LTO 4 Drives with HCART3 density

LTO 5 tapes always goes to LTO 5 Drives with HCART density.

your configurations with the Density will do the Magic.

PS:-LTO 5 Drives can Drives data on LTO 4 tapes.. but LTO 4 Drives can not write data on LTO 5 tapes.. 

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But if I load LTO4 and LTO5 tapes, netbackup  wiill assign it to scratch pool, how netbckup will identify LT04 and LTO5 tapes from scrach pool and load it to corresponding drives? 

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Ignore my above question, I have found a way in assign correct density to each tape by defining a barcode rule to density match.

Thanks you.

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Please mark Nagalla's post as Solution.

He has correctly pointed out that media and drives need to have different densities.

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