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Slow backup Performance

Created: 08 Aug 2012 | 2 comments

I have some question on the Symantec backup Exe performance,

On May 2012:
Backup Set Summary
Backed up 1051028 files in 27561 directories.
Processed 334500971601 bytes in  9 hours,  45 minutes, and  3 seconds. (311.5GB)
Throughput rate: 545 MB/min
Compression Type: Hardware

On September 2012:
Backup Set Summary
Backed up 649241 files in 28899 directories.
Processed 333850477685 bytes in  14 hours,  40 minutes, and  48 seconds.(361GB)
Throughput rate: 361 MB/min
Compression Type: Hardware

The Server above is running as the Mail Server & Share Folder.
how to increase the Throughput rate of the server? i have zip a lot of small files.
but the performance stills same. some time it took me 17Hour to complete the backup with Throughput rate 2xx MB/Min

Anyone know how to improve the preformance?

p/s: sorry for my bad english

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Where have you targeted the backups (Disk or Tape)

Check the fragmentation level of disk which hosts your source data.

Make sure you have installed latest patches for Backup Exec

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From your above comment, September for year 2012 is yet to come (On September 2012:) so are you suggesting august 2012 in this case.
Please look for antivirus setting to exclude backupexec direcotry from live scan.
Please check few link below too ,to seeif you have done those accordingly



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