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Slow copy with BE to local disk

Created: 23 Jul 2014 • Updated: 24 Jul 2014 | 7 comments
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I have a job which copies Domino Databases from mail server to local BE disk. BE is taking around 2 hours and 30 minutes to copy the mail databases , but when i do it via simpe robobopy , it takes only 1 hour and 20 minutes. I have verified the backup size and number of files which are same for both Roboopy and BE (means nothign is skipping in both process) . What difference I have noticed that Robocopy is doing fast copying touhcing around 70-80MB per/second constant, on the other hand BE is varying in speed. Network is running on IPV4.

I have tried to turn on Compression but it makes result more worse. What else I can check ?

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There is a quite a bit of difference as how to robocopy works and how a "backup" works. For egs, robocopy does not process open files, whereas "backups" usually do. You mention, the backed up files are same, but it could be a high possibility, there were more files to process by the "backup" than the robocopy.

Secondly, is your backup using modified time or archive bit ? If archive bit, switch it over to modified time. If Checkpoint Restart is enabled, disable it as well.

Lastly, when you mention "copying" the Domino DBs, are you using the Domino agent by Backup Exec or doing a flat-file backup after stopping the Domino services ?

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BE is runnign with Domino Agent.

I have tried various combinations for example:

Robocopy: Stopped the Domino Service, and initiate Copying , Good result.
Robocopy: Started the Domino Service, and initiate Copying , Good result.

BE: Copying with Domino Agent installed with Live Domino, Bad results with varying in speed sometimes hit around 30-40mb and remains in this limit, rarely touches 50-60mb (the speed is monitored with network mrtg graph and task manager network live monitor) , on the other hand robocopy is touching 70-80mb

Following options are selected

compression off
backup using modified time
Checkpoint Restart is disabled

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1. Make sure that you are not running any Domino housekeeping jobs, like fixup and compact during the backup.

2. Run fixup on all the databases to ensure that there are no corrupted databases.

If you are using DAOS, then the backup will be slow because of the extra processing. There is nothing you can do to speed this up.

BTW, when you just simply copy the databases, you may find that the databases are not usable by Domino

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  • fixup & compact are configured to run in late night, so no collision is occuring at the time of backup.
  • fixup are also runs on regular basis to avoid any DB corruption.
  • DAOS is not enabled as I want to keep things simple to manage.
  • ROBOCOPY method is done either after stopping ROUTER quit command, or whole domino services shutdown.
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You got to realise that when you use the Domino agent there are a lot of other processing going on under the hood.  For one, the backup has to ensure that the database is backed up on the fly in such a way that it is still usable after it is restore.  During the backup, a user could be still using the database.

The question really is whether you can afford to shutdown your Domino service while you do your backup.  Also, if you do any restores, you again have to shutdown your Domino service during the restore.

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To restore any single database, I have to shutdown domino ? cant I restore any user nsf file ONLINE ?

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Not if you want to replace a .nsf file and still have it usable.

Let me put it very bluntly.  If things are so simple, there would be no need for a Domino agent and I can tell you that Domino is most sensitive to good backup and restores.  Anything that is not done properly.  The database would be unusable.

You may also try your backups and restores without an agent.  You may get 99 times out of 100 they would be o.k., but the 1 that fails would most likely be your CEO's mailbox.Your choice.