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Slow copy to the storage

Created: 25 Dec 2012 • Updated: 27 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi,there is some be copy questions

be 2012

1) There is a topic,solution doesnt help,what else can be make,mb neeed additional options like deduplication or LAN-free backup

2) A separate question on backing up virtual machines.In the default set to use the SAN to move virtual disk data,this option will determine the LAN-free backup for VMware?But the backup time is independent, whether this option is installed.Therefore also requires optimization.

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Not sure why you closed off that solution if it didn't help...that is misleading, where I am sure pkh would have troubleshooted further with you if you had fed ba k correctly.
Deduplication works well, but only to disk, and if you have SAN-based disk target for this with AVVI and SAN Transport Mode selected in your backup job, you should see pretty good speeds. However, when duplicating to tape it would need to rehydrate your data to the original size.
Check the links below for more information:

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Hey, this was no more actually,but now it become to be need again )Thx for advises and links,will try to do this.

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Hey again, for destination storage uses tape drive. Does deduplication help in this situation?Dont understand this word "rehydrate".

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Deduplication backups use disk only for backups. Tape is not supported, but deduplication will ensure that backup speeds are speeded up the more times a dedupe backup is run...check the docs I sent through.

Also, rehydrate means that your 100GB of data that was backed up to a dedupe folder where it ended up being say 22GB would be backed up to tape at 100GB again, not 22GB. That is what I mean by dedupe data being rehydrated. Also, doing this would take a longer time as the data needs to be reconstituted from the dedupe folder to the original files so the tape format can understand it.


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