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Slow Job Rates after an unexpected shutdown of the media as well as catalog server.

Created: 21 Jun 2013 | 3 comments


I am quit new to the Backup Exec enviroment.I am working on Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows server.

2 days before we had an unexpected network crash and many of the servers were rebooted.From last 2 days we are dealing with slow job rates of 2 to 3MB/min whereas the job rates were on an average 1400MB/min 2 days back for a perticular job.

There were many jobs (Almost all) that were having same issue.

After the media and the catalog server came up from an unexpected reboot there were communication issue from media server end.So we disabled one of the LAN and fortunately the communication issue between media and catlog server was resolved but we faced this remarkable decline in the job rates from this.

Please provide the solution for this. 

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Check that all the NIC's and network switches are set to operate at maximum speed.

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We have found the low throughput issue is with NDMP severs,only NDMP servers are suffered with low throughput therefore being backed up in deformed rates.But clueless of what might have gone wrong in NAS enviroment. 

Please help me on this.