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Slow transfert rate for some jobs

Created: 05 Feb 2013 | 4 comments


Some of our backup jobs are slow, i noticed that the network bandwidht is not used (only about 10%). Please take a look at 3 screenshot. It seems BE is limiting bandwidht ? How can i force it to use more.

On the print screen you can clearly see that BE uses only few bandwidht, the LAN speed test is very good (so it's not the network and not the strorage)

Note that we have others jobs are running at more than 5000 MB/min and i noticed that the network is then used at more than 80% (witch is very good).

Please help

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I haven't seen any way for BE to push through more information, or for this to be set in the application either.

Check the following:

1. Make sure no AV is scanning the BE services on any of the servers, and if so, put in exclusions for them;

2. Make sure that all NICs and the network ports they are attached too are set to the fastest speed the NIC can handle, ie. 1000MB FULL;

3. If using a tape drive, read up on pkh's article below on how to tune it:


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Hello Craig,

There is no AV installed on these servers. I already applied the parameters to our tape drive of the article you linked nearly at the begining (see screenshot) and the NIC speed is set to 1000MB FULL DUPLEX.

Any other idea ?

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Anyone know how to activate log mode or debug mode for the agent ? 

I need more information on what's happening.