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SLP Replication

Created: 09 Dec 2013 • Updated: 31 Jan 2014 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All,

can anyone provide me steps to configure NBU SLP replication with DDBoost (AIR)...

while adding Replication target in Storage server Replication I am getting attached error


following are config




OS win2k8 r2

Operating Systems:

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Hi Pritesh,

before configuring the AIR feature in netbackup ,you would need to set the relationship on the DD.

did you compleate the configurations in DD end?

see the page number 37 in the below tech note.

For NBU AIR with Data Domain Systems, the storage-unit DD Boost associations between Data Domain Systems must be setup prior to configuring NetBackup disk pools or NetBackup Storage Units. For example, figure 33 shows the ddboost associations between 2 Data Domain systems that are used for NBU AIR

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Hi Pritesh,

First off, sorry to inform you but NBU AIR (Auto Image Replication) for DD2500 (Data Domain Appliance) is not yet supported for NBU 7.5.x. As indicated to Hardware Compatibility List (please see link below) , NBU AIR feature will be supported on NetBackup 7.6. Just wait for the release of NBU7.6GA


However, you can use Storage Lifecycle Policy (SLP) to perform duplication (Not AIR) of backup image from one Data Domain Appliance to another Data Domain Appliance.

On Section 3: Chapter 14 of NBU Admin Guide I shows instructions on how to configure SLP

Admin Guide I UNIX

Admin Guide I Windows

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Hi Adonis

I got Confirmation from EMC that AIR  is supported with NBU 7.5 with DDboost 2.6 plugin.

Hi Nagalla,

As suggested we have set the Association on DD with ddboost association command

now I want to achieve AIR 

from Primary Master (SLP)

1)Backup to OST

2)Replication to Secondary DD

on Secondary master (SLP)

1) Import

what configuration I must set in NBU to achieve my above goal

Do I have to add the Replication Target in Storage server? or I just have to create a SLP with above configuration?



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Hi Pritesh,

I have a similar experience a few months back. As per EMC, "NBU AIR is working with NBU 7.5 and DDBoost 2.6 plugin". But with Symantec, (I logged a Cased but it was unresolved) NBU AIR for EMC DDBoost is not yet Supported. As per advice of Symantec, just wait for the release of NBU 7.6, NBU AIR for Data Domain DDBoost system will be supported.

Below is the network setup:

  • Two Sites (Primary and Secondary)
  • 2 NBU Master/Media Server (1 in primary, 1 in Secondary)
  • On Primary Site: Master/Media Server has a Tape Library and an OST (DDBoost)
  • On Secondary Site: OST (DDBoost) configured with no Tape Library
  • Both site has a number of Client server that needed to backup


  • Backup to OST must have a duplicate copy to tape.

With above requirement in mind:

  • Backup from primary site can be duplicated to tape because it has a Tape Library installed
  • Backup from secondary site must use NBU AIR feature in order to have a duplicate copy to tape


  • Secondary Site: Client Server will be backed up by Master/Media Server to DDBoost
  • After backed up completes, SLP will run to replicate the backup image from Secondary DDBoost to Primary DDBoost
  • Once replication done, the import job must be triggered in Primary Master/Media Server (import job is needed in order for the Primary Master/Media Server has a control of the Backup Image made by the Secondary Master/Media Server)
  • Once import job completes, duplicate to tape will run


  • Replication between two Master/Media server is working
  • No import job was triggered
  • Since no import job performed, duplication to tape is not working

With a close colaboration of EMC, we already configured the NBU AIR as stated from EMC DDBoost 2.6 Admin Guide. I call Symantec Support to logged a cased, and we do the troubleshooting for three months. Initially, as per conversation with Symantec Support, NBU AIR only works with MSDP and not with EMC Data Domain DDBoost system. But as a part of a Distribution Partner and with close monitoring from Symantec Philippines, troubleshooting proceed, Cased ID had been escalated to back-end support. at the final week of the third month, Symantec Supports officialy admitted that it will not work. NBU 7.5.x AIR still not yet supports DDboost, with no EEB available. As per advice, just wait for NBU 7.6GA to be available.

Please review NBU 7.6 Hardware Compatibility List (it indicates that NBU AIR is supported on NBU 7.6)


I do hope this clear things up