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SLPs with custom long term retention

Created: 10 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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This doesn't seem to have been flagged up very much even though it is in the Late Breaking News section but I felt it important enough to pop it in the firums here as it could affect a lot of users and you potentially only have 9 days now to do anything about it!

The tech note is here :

In effect if you are using a custom long term retention period in NetBackup (it does say only SLPs but I dont see exactly why it should only affect them) then it the date a backup is due to expire falls after 03:14 on 19th January 2038 (the end of time!! - or at least epoch time) then without error you backup expires immediately.

The tech note says that this relates to duplicates and the fear is that if you backup to disk using an SLP and then duplicate to tape using the "expire after duplication" option then the disk expires after duplication and so does the tape - so you end up with nothing!

What this means is that if you use a 25 year retention period in SLPs then this will affect you in 9 days time.

If you use a 30 year retention I assume it is already happening.

So for long term retentions use the "infinity" option instead

Should be fixed in / 7.6 but for now I just wanted to bring it to everyones attention just on case you had missed the section in the late breaking news

Hope this helps and saves any lost backups

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Thanks for letting us know about this

.even I dont have any impact with this, its good to know

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Hi Mark (and all),

This is ONLY still an issue in SLPs - it was previously fixed for other duplications back in version

If a retention level is set such that expiration dates of images is set after January 2038, after successful backups or duplications to tape using this custom retention period, the tape media (but not the image) is expired. Media may then be overwritten. This condition does not occur with "infinity" retention levels.

And as the TechNote says, the SLP issue will be fixed in AND an EEB is available for

By the way, as these were both issued as Tech Alerts, if you're subscribed to our Alerts channel for NetBackup, you can be sure to receive email notification of these and any future Alerts as they are released.  To do THAT, click over here and then look for the Subscribe link in the rightmost column: | APPLBN | 761LBN

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Chris - thanks for the confirmation of all the points - of course i am subscribed to Tech Alerts - just wanted to drop it on the forum to make sure people who were not subscribed were aware of it as i thought it worth the mention

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