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Small Business 2013 (Symantec.Cloud) Update Host

Created: 05 Oct 2012 • Updated: 05 Oct 2012 | 3 comments


Our company has been using the former Symantec.Cloud service without many issues.  I have a question however on the newish feature of the "local update host."  I started by enabling it on 1 server that everyone has access too.  I then read about this feature and it stated to only have around 50 clients per update server.  I then enabled it on another server as we had close to 60 on the first server.  Since that, all but about 5 computers have switched off the first server to the 2nd new server.  My current list is 57 on the "new" 2nd server and 5 on the original backup server.

There also is no way to evenly devide up clients, so my question is why did it do this, and will this be an issue.  It's almost like the clients are not seeing my original update server.  I'm not seeing high CPU utilization or anything like that, everything seems to be fine, I just wish I could have them split up more.

Thanks, Jeff

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It's not an issue, and that's why I thought I'd ask here vs opening support ticket/taking their time.  I'm more interested in the functionality of it.

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Local update service

Reduce network bandwidth usage by assigning a local computer as the “local

update host” to connect to the internet to get the latest security software and

content updates and then share with other computers on the local area network.

Available in cloud-managed service only


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Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma