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smc -stop

Created: 22 Apr 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 9 comments
Does anyone now why when you type at the run prompt smc -stop it does not work with Vista?  Works fine in Windows XP

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I think UAC prevents it, unless you have admin privileges

Paul Murgatroyd
Principal Product Manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection
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UAC is turned on but with auto accepting with admin privileges.  GPO
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Hi yeah I have the same problem. I tried the SylinkDrop.exe but it didnt work returing a message that it was also unable to stop the SMC service.

I disabled UAC and tried to manually stop the SMC service but was unable to.
These instructions worked fine with my XP machine

I even used a batch file as below.
cd \"Program Files"\Symantec\"Symantec Endpoint Protection"\ 
Smc -stop
copy \\<machinename>\SylinkUpdates\AU_WKS_MEL\Sylink.xml C:\"Program Files"\"Symantec"\"Symantec Endpoint Protection"
Smc -import sylink.xml
Smc -start

The only way I was able to change my Vista machine from unmanged to managed was to:
1. go into services and disable it,
2. then go to task manager and end the process on SCM.exe.
3. I copied the sylink.xml manually and ran the Smc -import sylink.xml
4. changed the service back to automatic and started it.
The machine then appeared in my SEPM in the temporary group.

We will have 50 unmanaged machines comming onto our network very soon and need to be able to automate the process.

Any ideas?

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if you works on Vista, try this
run "CMD" as administrator, accept the request from UAC
then CD C:\Porgram Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection
then smc -stop

smc -start in the same way.

it should works

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Hi figo, thanks for that but I need to be able to deploy this to a large number of unmanaged machines. We wont be able to do this machine by machine.
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use psexec to run command as an admin

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I'll use the same topic to ask: what exaclty does smc-stop do?


I mean, after exceuting it, I see that some services are still running...

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Smc -stop stops the Symantec Management Client service. This is useful in case you need to replace a sylink.xml file on a workstation.


Hope that helps!

David Z.

Senior Program Manager, Symantec Corporation

Enterprise Security

Eduardo Menegalli Nazato's picture

Thanks David.

But I'd like to know each action executed by this command (services stopped, processess killed...)