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SMG 10 Customer-rules and SESC integration

Created: 10 Sep 2012 | 7 comments
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Is there any integration between the emails reported as spam by exchange users within an organization using SESC and the SMG 10.x Customer-rules created for the same organization using the submitter ID for the SMG ??

Apparently, the SMG manual submitting of Missed Spam, create customer-specific rules for the emails reported as spam from the administrator.  The SESC spam reported by Exchange users is part of the Global Rules.

Any way to send the SESC spam emails to the SMG 10.x Quarantine and later, send the spam to Symantec to feed the customer-specific rules ??

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For security purposes, the SMG's customer-based rules can only set up on the Control Center interface.

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Thanks TSE.

The setup is Ok in the Control Center interface, but the spam is received by users on exchange mailboxes.

I would like that the spam reported by internal exchange users, using SESC, will be part of the customer-submitter ID defined in the SMG control center.

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Can anyone explain breifly about this customer rules? can we block the spam mails which are recieved by users in exchange mail boxes?

what is that custom rule?

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Custom spam rules specifically for your organization based on the missed
spam messages and false positive messages that administrators and end users

More information can be found in the admin guide and release notes which i have attached.

smg_10_release_notes.pdf 242.47 KB
smg_administration_guide.pdf 8.66 MB
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Thanks for the update

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I'm also looking for that is there any news about integration between SESC and the SMG 10 ?

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I written an article about Customer Specific Submission however it's not aproved yet :) When it's online,i'll make a notification about that